Be Your Own Advocate


No matter how far along you are in your journey of TTC, it is so so important to be your own advocate.

Research, research, research.  Know your options.  Find out things you can do on your own to improve fertility.  Discover something that you haven’t brought up to your doctor yet.

You know your own body better than anyone else, so if you are dissatisfied with answers from your doctor….find another one!

On this second round of TTC, I have seen five or six different doctors.  Not a single one of them has asked for a family history or my personal cycle history.  Just because they have impressive letters after their name does not mean that a doctor is to be trusted at all cost.  I am currently looking into options with our insurance for finding another practice.

Read about your body.  Read about different methods.  Some you might discard as crazy and others might seem like something you could benefit from.

So many doctors are quick to promote invasive and expensive procedures before even trying to find out the root cause of infertility.  (The Making Babies book also has some great information on that.)  Take the time to educate yourself so that you can be equipped when you step foot into the doctor’s office.  I learn new things all the time and it is very encouraging and empowering.

Kind of a tangent, but speaking about learning things….did you know that you can discover where your uterus and ovaries are??  Crazy cool.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve.  Do your research and proceed confidently.


31 Days ttc infertility

4 thoughts on “Be Your Own Advocate

  1. I have switched Drs because i felt my last one was not taking me seriously. I feel better about my new one but we’ll see. I haven’t gone very often yet.

    I haven’t ever had a Dr ask to see my charting. My new one looked at it at least. My old one told me she “didn’t need to”. That was my last appointment, lol!

    • I am glad you feel better about this doctor!! I hope that this doctor will be a perfect fit for you. I have heard that most doctors don’t look at charting, although I have no idea why not. Those charts contain SO much helpful info!

      After several more bad experiences with my doctor, I am definitely done with that practice. Hopefully I can find a better one!

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