Noise or Silence


I go through spells.

For a while now, my spell has been of listening to music almost constantly.  Usually Christian songs, both old and new alike.

It is so very helpful to listen to the words and have our house filled with worship.  My heart is encouraged as I listened to God’s Word and God’s truth being proclaimed.  It draws me closer to the Lord and allows me to pour out my heart to Him.

And then every now and then I realize that suddenly the music can seem oppressive.  Annoying.  With one quick click, I turned off the music coming from the computer.  Silence.  That silence was like a breath of fresh air.

Sometimes I surround myself with so much noise that I can’t function well anymore.  It’s amazing how one day something can be so healing to my soul and the next day that very same thing can feel almost damaging.

I have realized that there is a place for both.  Music can definitely be exactly what I need.  But after a while of a lot of noise, sometimes what I need is the silence.  Golden silence in which I can pray, meditate, think….or even not think if I just need a break from the chaos inside me.  I feel like I constantly have about 2,000 thoughts going through my brain at once.  Taking a step back can really be refreshing.

Right now I am actually in an in-between spot.  I’ve really been enjoying music with no lyrics, like my George Winston or David Nevue stations on Pandora.  I’ve also been enjoying more mindless music that I don’t need to quite concentrate on as much.  But I’ve also been enjoying silence.  Even loading the dishwasher or cleaning up can be so peaceful when I’m just reveling in the quiet.

And I assume soon the cycle will start over and once again I will be needing music with amazing lyrics to cling to. 🙂

What about you?  Do you go through these spells?  Or do you tend to just prefer one or the other – music or silence?


2 thoughts on “Noise or Silence

  1. Yes!! I’ve been starting my day with chill worship music and then finding that I can’t concentrate on anything until I turn it off.
    I too have been thinking I need more focused silence in my life 🙂

  2. When I was growing up, my mom always had music playing – anything from classical to praise and worship to the country music my brothers preferred. 🙂 Since moving out on my own, though, I’ve listened to music much less frequently, mostly because our stereo isn’t located in the best place to listen to while I’m working. Now when I do turn it on, I find I really enjoy it.

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