Perfect Way to Start


The other day I heard the most beautiful song.  I have listened to quite a few miscarriage songs and just plain old encouraging-in-the-midst-of-pain songs.  But this one is by far my favorite.

Craig Aven writes songs for each of his children.  Last year his wife had a miscarriage.  Later in the year she had a second one.  This is a song he wrote to his unborn children.

I love his intro in the beginning as well.  Some of the most powerful words I’ve heard since losing our babies…”This is not something that we should be ashamed to say hurts us.  Losing a baby.  Because it’s valuable and precious.”

I have listened to this song several times already and I always end up sobbing.  This is so beautiful.  So sad and yet so happy.

My babies are so so missed on this earth.  But I am happy that they so quickly got to experience the joys of heaven and they are able to sit in the lap of Jesus Himself.


4 thoughts on “Perfect Way to Start

  1. I am so sorry for your loss, but glad that you are seeking His face through the difficult days, knowing that He is holding your babies until you can meet them. I was never able to get pregnant so my grief is different, but still very painful. I was eventually able to adopt and that has been a tremendous blessing. God used every difficulty to grow me up though and make me ready to parent this tornado of a child.

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