Friday Favorites


Well…we’ve been in Del Rio for just over two weeks.  Just yesterday we got the last of our furniture.  Woo hoo!!  Now we have to tackle the mess (and I do mean mess) left for us by the movers.  Not complaining about the movers…they did a great job!  But they aren’t allowed to put away anything they unpack…therefore….we have piles and piles and piles.  And piles.  Of stuff.

Obviously we haven’t been blogging much…but just this morning I spent some time brainstorming some ideas and hopefully we will both be back to blogging more.  The Pilot keeps wanting to write some posts…hopefully with his busy schedule he can still fit some more in!

Until then…I leave you with a bit of my happiness this week.

On Wednesday when the movers unloaded our stuff from California, I was so excited to see this.  I had a big old smile on my face pretty much the whole time they were wheeling it in.

Can’t wait to start playing again!!  (Included in the picture is a tiny
taste of that mess I was telling you about.   That was not
part of the big old smile on my face.  😉 )

I was also very happy to see this.  I’ve missed you, my friend!

And now I need to head off and tackle some more piles!  Have a great weekend!


Friday Favorites – Love!

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We got our wedding pictures on Sunday!!!  I absolutely love them.  I had so much trouble deciding which ones to NOT put in an album on Facebook, but I somehow managed to narrow it down to my “favorites.”  Although, really, almost all of them are my favorite!  Here is one that is probably on my Top 10 Favorites list…

I just love the love in this picture.  I love my groom.  I love that we are married.  I love our life together.


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Friday Favorites


I’m joining in on a new feature from Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.  Friday Favorites!

“If you have something special you would like to show, if you have a trinket which has a special meaning for you or maybe something you have just found and own or would like to have. It could be anything, a trinket, a book, a new cookware set, a necklace, a photograph, a project you’re working on or finished….anything that you love and would like to show us all.”

For my first Friday Favorite I would like to present to you……

….our wedding rings!!!  I love, love, LOVE them.  They are sooo perfect for each of us.  I love just looking down at the ring on my left hand….I love seeing it on The Pilot’s hand…I love reaching out to hold his hand and feeling it on his finger….and I love that we both love them.