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Yesterday my family returned from a trip to Texas.  Almost all of my Mom’s side of the family lives there, so we’ve been going out to visit every couple of years.

Plus…this year my dear cousin, Lindsay, got married!!!  Last Saturday I had the privilege of being the maid of honor as she married her love, Ryder.  I am so happy for them both and I can’t wait to see what God does in their lives and marriage!  Congratulations to you both, Lindsay and Ryder!!

The Pilot got to fly out for a few days and meet my relatives.  That was definitely exciting as I had been looking forward to them all meeting him for quite some time!

I realized a few things on this trip, though.

First, I rather surprised myself when I realized the beauty of the flat land in Texas.  Every time we visited there, I didn’t understand when people said how big the sky was, or how beautiful it was.  This time…I got it.  The sky, the clouds, the miles of land…all beautiful!  Hmm…maybe God is preparing me for when we (most likely) will someday live in that state?  😉

Secondly, I think I must be getting old.  For the first time, it was difficult to live out a suitcase for two weeks.  And even though I loved seeing family, I was quite happy to be home again yesterday.

Third, I realized that I have an amazing family.  Not that this was a new discovery, but it was impressed upon me again.  🙂


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