Our Story, Part 3


Shortly after that incredible peace, I had the sudden, calm thought….”The Pilot is just like the kind of guy I would want to marry.”  And that was that.  Not the kind of thought like before where I tried to grip my hands so tightly around what I wanted….but just….a matter-of-fact realization.

Little did I know that at the same time I was having such peace over our relationship…God was cementing in the Pilot’s heart that I was the one for him.  Three miles away, in his own house, a lot of thought and prayer was going on, too.  The Pilot knew he was interested, but he didn’t want to rush forward.

The summer of ’09 marked a big change.  I still didn’t know the Pilot’s thoughts…but I knew that for my life and sanity we needed to have A Talk.  I needed to know once for all if he was interested.  If he wasn’t…I knew that I would need to back off on our friendship.  For quite some time he had been my best friend….but as we got closer to each other I knew that there needed to be a limit to how close we got if there was going to be no official relationship between us.

So…..after prayers and tears, I sat down to type on AIM on October 20, 2009.  And thus began The Talk.  I pretty much asked him point blank what was up.  I could see the little gray box underneath the chat window that said “The Pilot is typing…”   Those words came up…and disappeared as he hit backspace…then came back…then disappeared.  I just sat there praying that no matter what happened, I would choose to follow God.  Finally the Pilot hit enter.  He said that he was indeed interested but he didn’t want to rush things and he wasn’t yet sure how to proceed, not knowing how I felt about him.

Both the Pilot and I did not want to go into a relationship flippantly.  For us, we knew that meant that once we started a relationship, it would be complete commitment.  After a few more weeks of thinking and praying about it, the Pilot talked to my Dad.  He didn’t just ask to get to know me…he asked to marry me.  The two of them spent several months talking and working together.  I spent those several months praying and trying to wait patiently.  In February, 2010, the Pilot and I started emailing back and forth.  We talked about many things…submission, the will of God, standards, etc.

On April 10, 2010, I went to a baby shower for someone at our church.  After chatting a little while with one of the ladies there, the conversation turned to marriage.  She asked me if I would ever consider trying eHarmony.  I wasn’t quite sure how to respond…..I knew I already had a guy…but we weren’t publicizing it until we had confirmation from Dad.  I ended up saying something like “I’m just waiting for God’s timing.”  Which was true.  I knew that Dad was going to give his blessing to the Pilot and I starting a courtship….I just didn’t know when.

As soon as the shower was over, I headed over to spend the afternoon with his family.  Sitting down on the couch, we talked about putting on a movie.  Before we put it on, though, the Pilot said he had something to tell me.  “This morning when your Dad and I met, he gave his blessing for us to start courting.”

I was in shock.


His smile confirmed.

I must have still been in shock, because all I could do was smile and say “Are you serious?” and try to keep my hands from shaking.

When we finally put the movie on, I couldn’t concentrate.  I kept looking at the man sitting next to me.  After all these months….  I think my smile was a permanent fixture on my face.

That evening as we were about to say good-night, we were talking about how it should be when we officially started courting.  After telling him that I wanted him to officially ask me, he said “Is tomorrow too soon?”  It sure wasn’t too soon!

The next day was Sunday.  At 3:30, the doorbell rang.  My hands were shaking, but once again my smile betrayed the fact that it was pure excitement that caused the shaking.  In walked the most handsome and incredible man with a bouquet of a dozen red roses.  We put the roses in some water.  And a few minutes later the Pilot asked me if I would court him.  I said yes!!!  Three times, to be exact.

It was official.  After all the years and questions and prayers…..the Pilot and I were courting.  We committed ourselves to each other for forever.

Sometimes the Pilot still gives the same smile he had on the day of the red wagon.  And I think of how incredibly blessed I am.  I have a man who loves God and who loves me.  All I can do is praise and thank the Lord.


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