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Well, we’ve been home from our vacation for almost a week and a half…and we have been super busy!  Not only have I been trying to regain control over my google reader after being gone for two weeks, getting a lot of stuff done with The Pilot for our wedding, playing tennis for the first time (yay!), and starting to gear up for the class I’m teaching that starts in a few weeks….but….we went to Borders.

Although I am very sad that Borders stores are closing, I always love sales.  And book sales are amazing.  We left the store spending about $42…and we got a basket full of items ranging from 30-50% off.  I found several things that were perfect gifts…and The Pilot bought me a book I had my eye on.  I read this series when I was younger and loved it.  Since it’s hard to find good fiction, I was excited to see this 2-in-1 book at our store.

While browsing the shelves, I discovered a delightful book.  Honestly it made me so excited.  The title itself intrigued me…”The Glamour of Grammar” but when I looked at the table of contents, I got so excited.  Seriously…how can you not be excited about sections like, “Read dictionaries for fun and learning?”  Or “Learn seven ways to invent words?”  Or “Master the elliptical art of leaving things out?”  😉  I can’t wait to read this book (and another awesome one my Mom picked up for me!).

It’s always so fun to have new reading material!  Especially with such exciting books as these!  🙂


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