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Last May The Pilot and I got Disneyland passes….and last Monday was the first time that we were able to go after the summer block-out dates.

We went out to breakfast with my family…then headed out.  The first half of the day we spent in California Adventure with my parents.  Even though we had been to Disneyland/CA Adventure numerous times, we still discovered new activities/rides this time!  The Pilot and I had never seen the Aladdin show…but we went this time.  I haven’t seen the movie in forever…but as they were acting it out I kept going, “Oh, yeah!  I remember that!”  My favorite song was Prince Ali.  😀

We played Midway Mania….a favorite ride in California Adventure.  Then we headed different directions…Mom and Dad went back to Disneyland, and The Pilot and I went to check out the new ride Goofy’s Flight School.  When we got there…we discovered it wasn’t at all a new ride…….it was merely Mulholland Madness with a different name.  haha!  But we went on it anyway.  It’s a very short roller coaster with sharp turns and short drops.  It was fun!  😀

Once we made it back to Disneyland we discovered our second new activity for the day.  Somehow we had managed to never go on Splash Mountain before!  So we remedied that and went on it twice!  😀

At the end of the day, a nice lady offered to take our picture in front of the castle.  Then we headed out to beat the traffic from the fireworks show.  It was a wonderful day…..so much fun….and a wonderful time hanging out with my love and my parents!

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