Since School…

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So…what have I been doing since school let out last semester?  For one….I have been reading.  For fun!!!  What a nice change of pace.  😀  Here’s a sampling of what I’ve been reading…..

100 Amazing Answers to Prayer by William J. Petersen and Randy Petersen

Amazing Love by Corrie ten Boom

Audrey Hepburn, an Elegant Spirit by Sean Hepburn Ferrer

A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

Flywheel by Eric Wilson

Hard Times by Charles Dickens

How to Live with a Neurotic Dog by Stephen Baker

Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton

To Love and to Cherish by Roy G. Gesch

I’m currently in the middle of about five other books as well.  It certainly is a good feeling to be able to read more than just school books.  (Not that I have anything necessarily against school books….I had some really good assigned reading for classes…but there’s something different about choosing your own book to read.  😉 )


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