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Okay, I admit it.  I have fallen into the Pinterest fad.  It took me a while to understand it, and it took me a while to like it…but now I love it!  Tonight I have been having so much fun looking at home decorating ideas!  I bookmarked several that I want to remember…


I love candles.  And I love books.  This is beautiful.  I would probably do a few modifications….but I love the main idea.

Source: via Dawn on Pinterest


Faux metal hangings?  Out of cardboard?  It looks very time-consuming, but I like the final result.  Could be that it doesn’t look so good up close, but….I like it at least from a distance.  🙂


Another candle!!  And coffee!!  Coffee is another love of mine.  This is wonderful.  I might just do this on our coffee table when we move to our first base.


I definitely want to do this.  My sister, Melinda, used pages of a book on the light switch plate in her room.  Love it!


I love the mosaic look.  It’s one of my favorite things to do in scrapbooking, as well.  I love the idea of doing it as a wall hanging.  I’ve seen another one similar to this where the person covered styrofoam in fabric.  So creative!


This is simply Elmer’s glue.  On canvas.  So simple….totally doable!!


How wonderful is this??  This blogger used these accents on gift packages, but I have seen other people turn a bunch of roses into a wreath.  Now…the question is…could I actually bring myself to do this to a book??  Hmm.


Another book page idea.  Printing silhouettes onto dictionary pages….


Sooo many fun and creative ideas out there!  Can’t wait to try some of them someday!


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  1. I love it too!!! I just figured out how it works today! 😀 YAY Pinterest!!!! There are so many cute ideas on there!!!

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