What’s on my mp3 player….

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I recently added two new songs to my collection (gotta love free amazon mp3 credits!)…one of which was Dancing in the Minefields by Andrew Peterson.

The reason I love this song is because…it’s a real-life love song.  At the beginning, a young couple gets engaged and embarks on a journey of a lifetime…marriage.  How does the songwriter describe marriage?  It’s “dancing in the minefields” and “sailing in the storm.”  He acknowledges that life is hard.  Very hard.  But the solution?  Lay your life down for your spouse.  Cling to God’s promises.  After all, He gave those promises for just such a time.  There’s nothing to fear.

“So in the face of all this chaos, baby,  I can dance with you.”

I love it.   I love how it paints a realistic picture of marriage.  It’s not all the romantic glamour that the movies show.  But you still make it through until death do you part as you lean on God’s great promises and follow His commands to love each other, laying down your life for the other.

Marriage is a high calling.  I can’t wait to live out this real-love, life-long marriage with my sweetheart.


One thought on “What’s on my mp3 player….

  1. I absolutely love that song! It’s one of my favorites because it is so true. It depicts what a real-life love story is and they are far better than what movies show us! I love dancing in the minefields with my husband and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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