From the Mouth of My Love

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My sweetheart is absolutely hilarious.  He can get me absolutely rolling!!  Every now and then I also get him to laughing.  The other night when we were going to bed, the Pilot got into my side of the bed.  After mentioning that fact to him, he proceeded to pretend to wrestle his hair out from underneath him.  (I quite often have to readjust after lying down because I am pulling my hair.)  He then continued his impersonation of what I do when I go to bed.

Of course…it was on.

I clambered into bed and landed right on him, taking more than my full share of the bed.  (Ongoing joke that we each take up part of the other’s half of bed.)  We must have gone on for at least five minutes, going back and forth imitating the other.  We laughed so hard.  I don’t think I have ever heard him laugh that much.

His laugh is one of my favorite things.  Ever.

But this post isn’t about our antics.  Although…there are plenty!  This post is about….his humor. 😀  Here is a sampling of why my love is the funniest person out there!

The Pilot: Should we watch another episode?
Me: I think we’d regret it.
The Pilot: Yeah.  (clicks play)
Me: What are you doing??
The Pilot: I thought we were going to regret it!!

Me: (about braces) Did you have head gear or neck gear?
The Pilot: I had everything they had to offer.

Me: (when talking about Justin Bieber’s Mom) What if our son wants to be a pop star??
The Pilot: He better be a good one!

Me: Can we get a pet llama?
The Pilot: No.
Me: Why?
The Pilot: He might turn into an emperor.

The Pilot: I came in here to set my glass down and drank it all by accident.

The Pilot: There are a couple of rules during Person of Interest and SHHHH.

The Pilot: (talking about survival training) Would you be able to kill a bunny and eat it?
Me: No.  I would find a way to rescue the bunny and together we would find a way to survive.  We’d become friends and they’d make a movie of it.  It would be called My Bunny and Me.
The Pilot: Then they’d make the sequel and it would be called My Bunny In Me.

Me: (watching credits) Colin Firth??  Are you serious??
The Pilot: Yeah, they put that in there as a joke.

The Pilot: I thought Dickens was the Stephanie Meyer of his day.

I love him!!  ❤


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