God’s Little Miracles


This weekend I experienced an amazing miracle.  Usually I hear other people tell stories like this….but now I’ve experienced it and I am blown away.

For months my Mom and sisters have been talking about a women’s retreat they were going to at a Christian camp.  I listened to them talk about it and wished I could go.  I mostly tried not to think about it, because I didn’t want to encourage my heart to be discontent.  The retreat was a lot of money, so I never mentioned to anyone that I wanted to go.  I thought it would be wiser to save our money.  A few weeks ago, my Mom told me about a phone call she received.  An anonymous friend was calling on behalf of another anonymous friend who heard that I wasn’t going…and offered to pay my way!  I couldn’t believe my ears and it brought tears to my eyes.  God knew the desire of my heart and He knew that I needed to be at that retreat!

This past weekend I went to that retreat and came away blessed and encouraged.

Several of the sessions gave me great food for thought….both encouragement and conviction.  Perhaps what most impacted me though was not from a session at all.  It was the staff.

All of the people on staff there are so incredibly joyful.  Laughing and talking with everyone, they always have smiles on their faces.  I have never seen one of them with a frown or looking like they were having a rough day.  On the last morning of the retreat, the main speaker was talking about the great staff team.  She put it so well…..they truly seem like it is a privilege to serve the ladies and all the campers who come through every year.

That really struck me.  It’s true.  Each staff person serves with a joy in their hearts as if it is the greatest privilege in the world to be able to serve.  Instantly I thought about my life when I came home from the retreat.  Is that the way that I serve?  Do I see it a privilege to serve my sweet husband and the other people in my life?  Unfortunately I must answer that far too often with a “no.”

I am so thankful for God’s reminder this past weekend to serve and to serve joyfully!

And to whoever it was that blessed me with this retreat….thank you so much!!  I was absolutely blessed and encouraged.  God bless you, whoever you are!


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