Country Music


I am pretty much a super fan of country music.  But let’s face it…there’s a lot of trashy country songs.  Hiding among all the trash however, there are some good songs out there.  Unfortunately, they are hard to find.  I’ve only listened to country music for a couple of years, but here’s a compilation of some clean, family-friendly songs that can be used both to spark discussion and to just enjoy.  🙂

Behind the Clouds by Brad Paisley
Forever Road by Darius Rucker
I Hope That’s Me by Brad Paisley
I Loved Her First by The Heartland
It’s America by Rodney Atkins
Just Fishin‘ by Trace Adkins
Look What I Found by Chris Cagle
Love Like Crazy by Lee Brice
Love Who You Love by Rascal Flatts
Mary’s Song (Oh My My My) by Taylor Swift
Mr. Mom by Lonestar
My Front Porch Looking In by Lonestar
Somebody’s Hero by Jamie O’Neal
That’s When I Love You by Phil Vassar
The Man in Love With You by Rascal Flatts
Then by Brad Paisley
Things That Matter by Rascal Flatts
This by Darius Rucker
What a Beautiful Day by Chris Cagle

There is a partial list of some of the songs I have enjoyed over the years.  Any other recommendations?


4 thoughts on “Country Music

  1. ‘Little Moments’ by Brad Paisley 🙂 I’ve been a fan of country for many years now. haha 🙂 So Cal girl with a southern heart – and now we live just outside of Nashville!

  2. I love country music too (though I’ll agree with you that some songs aren’t worth listening to or promote the wrong message). Randy Travis and Alan Jackson usually have pretty clean songs; a couple of my favourites are “Three Wooden Crosses” by Randy Travis and “Drive” and “Remember When” By Alan Jackson. I also really like “I Loved Her First” and “Mr. Mom.” My gripe with living in Victoria: there’s no country music station here. And the reception isn’t always the best on the stations from Seattle or Vancouver. Oh, and you should check out Josh Turner – he’s got a gorgeous voice and I LOVE his song “Would You Go With Me.” 🙂

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