Songs for Singles

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I recently posted some songs about marriage….and here is a list of songs for single people.

In one way, singleness is a great time of life.  You really do have a lot more opportunities and time to do things.  But generally speaking there is a struggle and heartache that comes during the months and years of waiting for a special someone that you don’t even know for sure exists.

Here is a list of songs that encouraged me during my waiting years before the Pilot…as well as some songs that I have since discovered that apply to periods of waiting.

Faithful by Steven Curtis Chapman

Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Buble

I Have a Shelter by Sovereign Grace Ministries

I Still Believe by Jeremy Camp

Make Something Beautiful by Laura Story

Perfect Peace by Laura Story

Rose from Brier (poem by Amy Carmichael set to music by Jim Spencer)

This Day by Steven Curtis Chapman

Thou Dost Know the Way (poem by Amy Carmichael, set to music by Jim Spencer)

Walk by Faith by Jeremy Camp

While I’m Waiting by John Waller

Anyone have any  to add?

If you are looking for other resources or sources of encouragement while waiting for a spouse, I recommend my sister’s posts.  She has blogged quite a bit about singleness and has some great thoughts.


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  1. Eric and Leslie Ludy have a beautiful CD (and a book) about singleness. Back when I was single, I thought about compiling a CD of songs like this for myself and my single girlfriends. I never got around to doing it, and now I can’t remember the list of songs I would have included. This is a beautiful list, though! 🙂 Thanks!

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