Week 1

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Well we’ve been on the road for a week.  We’ve had lots of fun.  Definitely some unplanned things (such as one day turning into 16 hours of driving, getting us to our hotel at 3:00 am), and definitely some great times and memories.  Here are a few pictures from what we’ve been up to this week!

We visited the Grand Canyon…

…kissed at the Grand Canyon…

…enjoyed the beautiful drive through Arizona and Colorado…

…stopped by Four Corners….

…briefly visited Mesa Verde (please note that if you ever go,
you should allow several hours.  This is one of the reasons our 11 hour drive
turned into 16 hours.  Mesa Verde is a national park…but once you get
in the gate, it is several miles back in the mountains before you actually arrive.)

…had lunch with The Pilot’s Uncle and his girlfriend…

…visited Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs
to see Whit’s End downstairs…

…visited The Pilot’s brother, E.  But unfortunately we
didn’t get any pics of all of us.  😦 …

…visited Jewel Cave, the second longest cave
in the world.  It was difficult to take clear pictures
in there….

…visited Mt. Rushmore…

..and kissed at Mt. Rushmore!

It’s been a great first week!!  Today we are off to Nebraska to visit The Pilot’s sister-in-law and three children.  (His brother is currently deployed and we’ll miss seeing him on this trip.)


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