Weeks 3 and 4


Well….The Pilot and I are now home!!!  Pulled into Laughlin Air Force Base just about an hour ago.  My amazing husband is checking in as we speak and I thought I would take the time to complete the posts on our trip!  Here is the last installment of pictures.

After we left New York City, we traveled to Philadelphia.

We visited Independence Hall (where we were assured that
Nicolas Cage did not really remove a brick from the building)….

…and were able to see the room where the Declaration
of Independence was signed.  Wow!!  The chair on the far
right was where Benjamin Franklin sat!

We also saw the Liberty Bell while in Philadelphia.

Washington, D.C.!  We spent two days there.  The first day we
saw most of the memorials and monuments.

The Presidential motorcade even drove past us!  Obviously we
don’t know for sure if President Obama was really in one of those cars,
but it was still pretty neat!

The second day we went to the National Archives, as well as the Smithsonian
Air and Space museum and the American History museum.  We took
SO many pictures, but for the sake of space, I won’t post them all.  🙂

We were able to go to Ford’s theater, the place where President Lincoln
was shot.  This is the actual gun that John Wilkes Booth used to shoot him.
Unfortunately, we weren’t able to go in the actual theater (they were
holding a dress rehearsal for a play), but we saw the museum.  In it were
all of Booth’s weapons (he was carrying sooo many…guns, knives, and a sword),
the suit that the President was wearing when he was shot, the door to his theater
box, etc.  Across the street we went inside the Peterson house and saw the room where
he actually died.  His blood stains are on the pillow.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery.  We
arrived in time to see the changing of the guard.  It was an amazing and
sobering experience.

The Iwo Jima memorial.  This was amazing!!!!  I didn’t expect it to be so BIG.
I think this was definitely one of the highlights of the trip.

Mt. Vernon!  It was fascinating seeing his house and the things in the museum
(including even George Washington’s actual dentures!).  We took
a National Treasure tour (saw the cellar), toured the house, and learned a lot.
(Did you know that he owned 8,000 acres of land and on any
given night they had an average of 30 overnight house guests?)

That concluded the sight seeing part of our trip.  The last two weeks we just spent
with family and friends.  It was SO fun and relaxing!

We stopped in Tennessee to see some friends who had moved
there from California within the past year (to start
a church plant!).  It was great spending
time with them again!

While in Georgia, we saw B and J, who also used to be
in California.  B and The Pilot grew up together, and all
four of us went to the same church for years.  B and J
are going to be missionaries for New Tribes!

Driving back up to Tennessee, we met some friends for breakfast.
S went to our church in Cali years ago.  Now she’s an Army wife
(her husband is currently deployed) with three great kids!

Back up in Nebraska, we spent time with The Pilot’s brother (who
was then back from deployment) and family.  We played lots of Clue,
went with them to their church’s Awana(ish) program, and had a great time
visiting with them and playing with the nieces and nephew!

In Oklahoma City, we went with our cousins to the memorial
for the bombing.  It was a beautiful memorial, but definitely very sobering.
A piece of the original building still stood, as well as a big tree that survived.
You can see in the picture on the opposite side of the water a bunch of chairs.
Each chair symbolized a person who died.  There were small chairs for the
children in the daycare who died.

R, L, me, and The Pilot
after church on Sunday!  It was so fun to see their apartment, campus,
and the area they live.  L and I have always been really
close friends as cousins…and it was great spending time with her and her husband!

Our last stop was Lubbock, TX, to see some of my AMAZING relatives.
I seriously am so, so, SO blessed to have such an amazing family.  Unfortunately,
they weren’t all here for the picture, though.  The Pilot and I were able to join
Grandmommy and Granddaddy on their morning walks, and we did some shopping,
ate out a couple times, and played Mexican trains.  Fun!!

And now we are home!  It has been an absolutely amazing 33 days of travel.
I am so thankful that we were able to take this trip.  It was GREAT
spending time with just The Pilot, having fun, seeing sites, and going on adventures.
I love him so much!!!!

Now we shall see what God has planned for us in Del Rio!!


Week 2

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Well…we did and saw so much this week!  There will be a bit more pictures this week then last week, although I will still post only highlights.  If you’re not interested in scrolling through pics…that’s okay.  You don’t have to.  😉  (Shh…I often times scroll quickly through other people’s picture posts!)

We visited our sister-in-law, nieces, and nephew in Nebraska.
J, The Pilot’s brother, was deployed at the time, but he is back now!
We will go back by Nebraska next week to see him and the family again!

We visited Abraham Lincoln’s home in Springfield, Illionois…

…visited the Air Force museum in Dayton, Ohio, where we
sat in an F-16 cockpit, saw one of the Wright brothers original
airplanes, looked at huge missiles, and stared at countless other
planes from WWI to present day.  Oh, and my personal favorite….

…the actual command module from Apollo 15!!

From there we visited Niagara Falls!  It was gorgeous!

We kissed at Niagara Falls…

and visited the Gerrit Smith estate in Peterboro, New York.
This was amazing!  He personally gave $8 million dollars to free slaves
and help other abolitionists.  Countless people came through
and stayed at his house…slaves, poor, sick, etc.

In Lexington, we went on part of the Battle Road trail, which is a 5.5 mile
trail over part of the ground where they fought on the first
day of the Revolutionary War.

This is the site where Paul Revere, William Dawes, and Dr. Samuel Prescott,
ran into British soldiers.  Dawes and Prescott escaped, but Paul Revere was
detained.  A few hours later he was released.

The Old North Church!  One if by land, two if by sea…

…saw the North Bridge, where the first command to fire was given.
It was also here where the first British soldiers were lost.

Took a tour of Louisa May Alcott’s house.  I hadn’t known that Little Women
was based on her real life!  Interesting fact: she made more money from her writing
than Mark Twain!

Saw the Atlantic Ocean for the first time!

Visited Plimoth Plantation!

Went aboard the Mayflower II.  Definitely very small!

Saw the rock where the Pilgrims carved out the year they landed.

Saw Mark Twain’s house in Hartford, Connecticut.

Had a flat tire on our way into NYC….

…saw the Statue of Liberty…

…admired the buildings…

…kissed in Times Square…

…and went to a very sobering memorial for September 11.

There are a few highlights from our second week of travel!  Today we are driving through Pennsylvania to DC.  So exciting!


Week 1

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Well we’ve been on the road for a week.  We’ve had lots of fun.  Definitely some unplanned things (such as one day turning into 16 hours of driving, getting us to our hotel at 3:00 am), and definitely some great times and memories.  Here are a few pictures from what we’ve been up to this week!

We visited the Grand Canyon…

…kissed at the Grand Canyon…

…enjoyed the beautiful drive through Arizona and Colorado…

…stopped by Four Corners….

…briefly visited Mesa Verde (please note that if you ever go,
you should allow several hours.  This is one of the reasons our 11 hour drive
turned into 16 hours.  Mesa Verde is a national park…but once you get
in the gate, it is several miles back in the mountains before you actually arrive.)

…had lunch with The Pilot’s Uncle and his girlfriend…

…visited Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs
to see Whit’s End downstairs…

…visited The Pilot’s brother, E.  But unfortunately we
didn’t get any pics of all of us.  😦 …

…visited Jewel Cave, the second longest cave
in the world.  It was difficult to take clear pictures
in there….

…visited Mt. Rushmore…

..and kissed at Mt. Rushmore!

It’s been a great first week!!  Today we are off to Nebraska to visit The Pilot’s sister-in-law and three children.  (His brother is currently deployed and we’ll miss seeing him on this trip.)