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You Cannot Be Anything You Want – Tackling the ever prevalent idea that you can be anything you want to be in life.  The reality is that while God has great things in store for each person, that person must also take stock of his or her own weaknesses.

Another Way to Look After Orphans – Five practical ways to help families who are adopting!

Reporters Who Watch Abortions Tell of their Brutal Reality – In honesty, I couldn’t even finish reading the article.  It breaks my heart and makes me cry to hear about abortions.  It is only so much more real to me now that there is a precious human life growing in my right now.  But this article is so powerful.  The fact is that abortion takes a human life…and that fact cannot be denied.

Hard Water Spot Removal – My sister shares a way to clean hard water spots using only a lemon and a scrub brush.  I might need to try this in our bathroom!

Finally, a video.  I can’t say that I have listened to much of Tenth Avenue North, but a friend sent me this video and I loved some of what he said.  “Hallelujah, we are free to struggle, but we also are not struggling to be free.”

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