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You Cannot Be Anything You Want – Tackling the ever prevalent idea that you can be anything you want to be in life.  The reality is that while God has great things in store for each person, that person must also take stock of his or her own weaknesses.

Another Way to Look After Orphans – Five practical ways to help families who are adopting!

Reporters Who Watch Abortions Tell of their Brutal Reality – In honesty, I couldn’t even finish reading the article.  It breaks my heart and makes me cry to hear about abortions.  It is only so much more real to me now that there is a precious human life growing in my right now.  But this article is so powerful.  The fact is that abortion takes a human life…and that fact cannot be denied.

Hard Water Spot Removal – My sister shares a way to clean hard water spots using only a lemon and a scrub brush.  I might need to try this in our bathroom!

Finally, a video.  I can’t say that I have listened to much of Tenth Avenue North, but a friend sent me this video and I loved some of what he said.  “Hallelujah, we are free to struggle, but we also are not struggling to be free.”

From Around Blog Land

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Atrophy of Brain – Ways to engage your brain and have intellectual stimulation.

Top 10 Ways to Not Be a Jerk – Humility vs. Pride.  The never ending battle.

Dear Young Christian Guys: Love Her Like a Man – “On teenagers, living together, and playing ‘married.'”

Your Role in Marriage – 3 Characteristics You Need to Own – 1.  You are his friend.  2. You are his follower.  3.  You are his greatest fan.

Welcome Home – On denying self, remembering your love, and welcoming home your man.

Love Journal – I love this idea!  I like to scrapbook, I like to write, and I like to collect quotes.  A great way to preserve memories while doing all three!

S e x, Marriage, and Fairy Tales – GREAT video on true love and real marriage.


From Around Blog Land


Every now and then I come across a post that is so good I just want to share it!  Some blogs I read have a weekly post where they simply share links of such posts they’ve come across the past week.  Well…I don’t do quite enough blog reading to do that weekly.  But here are a few from the past several weeks that I thought I would share!

16 Tips to a Lifelong Marriage – In honor of her anniversary, Teri Underwood posts some excellent marriage tips!

A Letter To My Daughter: What I Want You to See in the Mirror – Such good thoughts!  I definitely definitely want our daughters (if God decides to so bless us) to know and believe these crucial things!

On Being Real – Definitely things I have thought through.  Even though it can be hard for me to post real things…personal things…if it can help, bless, or encourage any reader…it is worth it!  God puts things in my life so that I can bring Him glory, grow in His likeness, and in turn help others.  Sometimes people don’t get that…and it’s hard when my “real” thoughts are judged or preached at…but all in all it is still worth it to me to be real.

Chocolate Scones – I love how Meredith refers to her husband.  A mystery.  “To be a lover is to be the explorer of the wilderness of another human heart.”  And again here when she says, “I am in the presence of a mystery that is awe-filled and holy and I don’t understand.”  So amazing to think of my husband as an incredible, intricate, mystery…a human being.  He is my gift from God that I can get to know, to love…and his heart is mine to take care of.

But I Want a Cheese Stick – Ahh….how often have I wanted a cheese stick from God!  Even though sometimes His answer is “no,” we can know that His timing is loving and best.

Human S e x Trafficking – A topic that is rarely brought up but so relevant.  Human trafficking does occur and the statistics are shocking and alarming.  Her last paragraph has great ways to be involved, while acknowledging that not everyone will/should jump on an activist band wagon.

Am I Good Enough? – This kind of goes along with the post on being real.  The trap of comparing to others….a trap all too familiar to me…

Living in Harmony – Another post with great thoughts and tips on marriage.

Everyday Contentment – Something I have been trying to make a conscious effort to do.  Stop.  Look.  Notice.  Praise!

What Do we See in the Waiting – With all the waiting in my life, this is a great reminder!  God says: “Glorify me in the waiting.  Worship me in the unknown.  Trust me with the outcome.”


Your Home as a Haven

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My sisters have been doing a series of posts on the fruits of the spirit…and how they can change a home into a haven.  Whenever I encounter a great post in my google reader that was either encouraging or convicting, I generally mark it as unread so it will still be there next time I get on.  So far my sisters have posted about six different fruits of the spirit…and I think I marked almost all of them as unread.

Go check them out!