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Atrophy of Brain – Ways to engage your brain and have intellectual stimulation.

Top 10 Ways to Not Be a Jerk – Humility vs. Pride.  The never ending battle.

Dear Young Christian Guys: Love Her Like a Man – “On teenagers, living together, and playing ‘married.'”

Your Role in Marriage – 3 Characteristics You Need to Own – 1.  You are his friend.  2. You are his follower.  3.  You are his greatest fan.

Welcome Home – On denying self, remembering your love, and welcoming home your man.

Love Journal – I love this idea!  I like to scrapbook, I like to write, and I like to collect quotes.  A great way to preserve memories while doing all three!

S e x, Marriage, and Fairy Tales – GREAT video on true love and real marriage.


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