Book Review: Sweet Mercy

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Set during the era of gangsters and the Prohibition, Sweet Mercy by Ann Tatlock is an easy to read yet believable piece of fiction.  17-year-old Eve Marryat is faced with ethical dilemmas and must choose which path to go down.  Along the way she discovers her own self-righteousness and learns that all people are in need of God.

I am generally a hard sell when it comes to fiction, but I did enjoy this book.  As someone who enjoys writing myself, I tend to notice when novels feel stilted or forced, but Sweet Mercy flowed well.  Toward the beginning, there was one historical fact error…and at the end some discussion of a historical event that I couldn’t verify. Other than that it was fascinating reading about a period in time that I haven’t read about since I was probably in elementary school.

My biggest concern with the book is that when religion is mentioned, it is usually the Catholic religion.  As an evangelical Christian, I do not believe in patron saints that can protect people, as the Bible is clear that God alone is Protector.

Note: I received this book for free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for this review.


One thought on “Book Review: Sweet Mercy

  1. I think I’ve read another book by Ann Tatlock, so her name caught my eye in your review. I enjoy historical fiction too. And it’s hard to find fiction about Catholics, so I’ll have to check this out, as I do enjoy reading an author who can write well about the Catholic faith. As a Catholic, I wouldn’t say that patron saints can protect us (as you say, only God can do that), but that saints can pray for us, just as you could pray for me (or I could pray for you). They’re part of the “communion of saints” which the Apostle’s Creed mentions. 🙂 Anyway – off topic. Thanks for the review – I’ll have to go look for the book!

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