Pregnancy Update: Week 36


IMG_3688The Wingman is now gaining about an ounce a day, weighing
around 6 pounds.  He is about 18 1/2 inches long.  His skin
is becoming smooth and soft and his gums are now hardening.
His liver, kidneys, circulatory system and immune system
are in good working order.

It’s so crazy to realize that my estimated due date is only four weeks away!
Which means six weeks maximum until we meet our little boy!
This pregnancy has certainly flown by!

My amazing husband put our jogger together.  It and the car
seat are both sitting in our entryway.  Every time I walk by I
think about how we’ll soon have a baby!!

The Wingman gets the hiccups a lot.  And I think I finally figured
out what his little hand/arm feels like.  I never recognized
a body part until yesterday.  It was amazing!

I can’t wait to see The Pilot be a Dad!  He is so excited
to meet The Wingman  It’s the sweetest thing.

We were able to get some maternity photos taken
two weeks ago.  They turned out great and I am so
glad we were able to capture this pregnancy on camera!






Dear Wingman,
We are unbelievably excited 
to meet you.  Only a few more weeks!!!  Now 
when you move I think about how I can 
soon cuddle you in my arms and kiss your face.
I’m praying that you will grow strong in the Lord
and in His wisdom.  We love you!!


3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: Week 36

  1. Wow, getting close!!! Those are gorgeous pictures. 🙂 I wanted to get maternity pictures done, but most of my friends with good cameras (and picture-taking skills) live far away, so I just did self-portraits.

  2. I love your maternity pics! I’ve always wanted to have them done, but I never feel so cute when I’m pregnant. I really like the dress you are wearing too! I know you are excited to meet baby Wyatt. The last month was the longest for me, but we made it and had cuteness to show for it 🙂

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