Date Night Apps

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My love and I love going on dates.  We’ve had lots of different kinds of dates…at home dates, eating out dates, seeing a movie at the theater, going on walks, etc.  But some of our dates are more spur of the moment.  Those are our Android App dates.  😉

We don’t always plan these dates.  Sometimes they just happen.  But we have lots of fun playing games on our phones together!  Here are some of the ones we have enjoyed!

1. Angry Birds.  Obviously.  I think almost everyone with a smart phone has played Angry Birds.

2. Hill Climber.  Drive a car.  Collect coins.  Don’t run out of gas.  And don’t crash/tip over/otherwise die.

3. Draw Something.  Basically Pictionary.  Send a picture to the other person and they have to guess what it is.

4. Can You Escape the Room?  Find the way out of a room by clicking around the screen.  Memorize sequences, pick up items that will aid in the escape, etc until you can exit.  (Similar one is 100 Doors.)

5. And our latest one is Shooting Showdown.  Practice various kinds of shooting games (plates, tires, trucks, etc) and then compete with another player.  Unfortunately, the competitions match you against a random player…you can’t pick a player to compete against.  But we just have our own competitions to see who can get the highest score in the practice sessions.

Do you have any date apps?  🙂


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