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Respecting My Children – My sister talks about being in the world of your children.  (Also….that adorable little girl is my niece.  Is she not ADORABLE??)

10 Disciplines for a Meaningful Marriage

Why They (kids/husband/housework) Get On My Nerves – Do you really have something more important to do?

37 Conversation Rules for Gentlemen from 1875 – Where did this common decency go?  (Applicable for men and women!)

The Problem with Sexual Compatibility 

A Cat Responds to his Human Returning After 6 Months – This made me laugh.  A lot.

My Husband is Not my Soul Mate – Is it possible God may not have a spouse for you?  Or that there may not be “The One” for you?

I Wonder if Sunday School is Destroying Our Kids – Getting back to the gospel.  It’s not about trying to be good like the people in the Bible.


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