T-6 Complete

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Its been a while since my last UPT (Pilot Training) update. Since then, I have completed the T-6 Program, which included aerobatics, instrument and formation flying. It was a blast and I learned a lot with almost 100 hours in the T-6.

Solo wBonnie

The first hurdle in T-6’s was getting to the first solo flight (aka the Pogo flight). The first flight was just around the pattern for about a half hour. After the Pogo flight, I was caught and dunked in the dunk tank. After that flight, I went on to solo the T-6 four more times throughout the T-6 program, including flights in the pattern, out to the practice area, and the last solo flight which was in formation. 

Solo Dunk

Now I am T-6 Complete.  Last Wednesday I tracked to T-1’s. In T-1’s I will continue my flight training with a multi-engine platform. I cannot wait for the next few months as I learn the new aircraft and have a blast flying. Once completed with the T-1, I will drop (be assigned) to a MWS (Major Weapon System) and we’ll move on to a new base…

The Pilot

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