Homemade Christmas

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Wyatt made his first Christmas presents this year!  I knew that I wanted to do something to incorporate his hand or foot print.  Pinterest was full of ideas, as usual.

Attempt #1 – Salt Dough Ornaments.  This was a fail.  We forgot to put holes in them for hanging, the hand and foot impressions were barely visible, and they crumbled as they dried up.

Attempt #2 – Washable paint.  We took a rag and applied some paint to the bottom of the Wingman’s foot.  This was a fail.  His foot just slid all around, rendering the painted imprint only remotely resembling the general shape of a foot.

Attempt #3 – Paint pen.  Success!  I traced the Wingman’s hand on a piece of paper and used that as a stencil for the ornaments.  The first one, I taped the paper on for easier tracing….but when I removed the tape, it removed the color on the ornament. Oops!  On the rest of them, I was able to carefully hold the paper in place and trace the hand print.  Then I filled it in with the paint pen.

2013-12-12 09.36.24

I love how they turned out!!  His little baby hands are so precious.  🙂


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