Book Review: Praying for Boys

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I love this book.

I love it not only because it is intensely practical, but because it is written by a Mom who, as she readily admits, does not have it all together and is desperate.  Desperate for God’s intervention in her son’s lives.  Brooke McGlothlin’s definition of prayer…”The desperate cry of a mama whose life has taught her she has so little control.”

Each of the 21 chapters in Praying for Boys is a different prayer topic, such as “obedience,” “purity” or “a servant’s heart.”  Brooke discusses the importance of each, and includes prayers that you can pray for your son/s….with words taken straight from Scripture.  To close each chapter, she wrote some study questions.

Being in prayer for our son was amazing.  But the main thing I felt while reading this book?  Conviction.  It was convicting to realize how much this isn’t about praying for our son….this is about falling on my face before God because I am inadequate.  I need to grow in each of these 21 areas.  I need to be walking rightly before God before I can ever model it for my son.  As I went through the chapters, I gradually switched from just praying for the Wingman, to praying for our entire family.  We all need God right now, because the Pilot and I can’t do this parenting thing on our own!!!

I definitely recommend this book to any boy Mom out there!!

Note: I received this book for free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for this review.


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