Are women just catty by nature?


This is something I have been pondering lately.  Women are catty.  It’s a common stereotype.  Previously, I thought it was a select few women who gave the rest of us a bad name.

Lately….I’m beginning to wonder.

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One thing that I definitely can agree with…where there are women, there is drama.  Maybe even Drama with a capital D.  We women get into fights or squabbles or silent judgments over the silliest of things.

I readily admit that a lot of it is probably hormonal.  But lately I have seen so much more of this drama that I’ve had to look closer.  Why is it that woman are so easily caught up in these things?

Personally, I think it often boils down to one thing.  Pride.

1.  We don’t like to admit we’re wrong.  We like to get the last word in whenever possible.  Or maybe we’re the quiet kind, where we may not say anything, but inside we know that we are the right party.

2. We don’t like to admit there are other ways of doing things.  We get so caught up in our way of doing it that when we see Suzy doing it another way, we have to enter into a discussion.

3.  We like things to go our own way.  We have a plan in our mind of how something should go, and we will stick to that plan, no matter what.

4.  We have rights that are not being respected.  If those rights are trampled on, we will let that other woman know!!  Or maybe just complain to our spouse or best friend.

5.  We just like things to be a certain way.  Preferably, the way we’re used to.  If it’s not that way, we’ll complain.  To our spouse, to our friends, to our Facebook world.

6.  We feel like our reputation is on the line.  All the above points could easily fall in this category.

We gossip.  We slander.  We complain.  We even go about it the spiritual way and we “share prayer requests.”

Lately I have seen a lot of that blatant drama.  It started to really wear on me and I began to get really discouraged.  Were all women this way?  Is it even possible to escape the negativity and the drama?

Suddenly, it hit me.  I can’t just blame “them” for all the drama.  I need to examine my own life.  Do I always speak the truth in love?  Do I ever gossip?  Do I ever harbor bitterness in my heart?  Do I ever just throw in a “little comment” that is actually pretty pointed?  Do I worry more about what other people think of me than about what God thinks of me?  Am I unwilling to let go of my plans if something else comes up?  Or if a better idea is presented?

It’s not just “those” women.  Sometimes….it’s me.  Are all women catty?  I have a feeling that, to an extent, we all lean that way.  We are all selfish, sinful creatures.  What is the answer?  Are we all doomed to lives of drama and intrigue that rival Downton Abbey?  Thankfully, no.  We must draw near to the Lord.  Be in His Word.  Cultivate a heart of gratefulness.  Guard your tongue.  Love those around you, first in your thoughts, then in your heart, then in your actions.  Whew, do I ever need to grow in these areas!

The greatest commandments are to love God and love people.  And it is by His grace that we may pursue it!


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