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Wow!!  We got nominated for the Liebster Blog award!  Thank you so much to The Crum’s!

The Liebster award is given to bloggers who are still considered “new” and it’s a way for them to gain more followers and confidence! It’s the blogosphere’s way of saying…Welcome! 🙂
Liebster is a German word meaning sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.
Here are the rules!
1. Post the award on your blog.
2. Thank the blogger that nominated you and link back to their blog.
3. Write 11 random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and have less than 1000 followers.
5. Answer 11 questions posted by your presenter and ask your nominees 11 questions.

My 11 Facts
1. I used to never like cheese (except provolone in some situations).  In fact, it made me nauseous.  Now I can stomach it sometimes, in sandwiches or in casseroles.

2. I still listen to Adventures in Odyssey sometimes.

3. If I had tons of money, I would go to Hobby Lobby and Kirkland’s and decorate my house most awesomely!

4. I own over 300 books.

5. Rome, Israel, and Colombia are at the top of my list of places to visit.

6. Being a Mom is the most difficult yet most wonderful thing I have ever done.

7. I enjoy warmer weather.  90-95 is a great temperature.

8. I am a huge fan of Ebates!  Shop online and get cash back!  (I promise, it’s not a scam.  My second check is about to be mailed to me.)  Saving money makes me so excited!!  Sign up here!  (Note: If you use my referral link, I get a referrer bonus)

9. I was homeschooled through high school and loved it.

10. Dogs are my favorite.  And llamas.  Llamas are my favorite too.

11. My favorite color is green.

My answers to The Crum’s questions:

1. Where is your happy place?
Ideally, a nice quiet spot outdoors with a cup of coffee, my Bible, a notebook, and a couple other good books to read.

2. What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you?
Hmm.  There was the time (way before I was pregnant) where my credit card was stolen and used to hire a babysitter.  Or the time that a little girl in the Costco bathroom asked me if I was the girl who played Hermione.  But neither of those are too crazy. 😉

3. What is your favorite memory?
I have so many wonderful memories, I don’t know how to pick just one.  Highlights include…saying “I do” and the moment our son was born.

4. What is your favorite hobby?
I enjoy hiking and writing. 🙂

5. What do you want people to remember you for?
For always being an encouragement and pointing people to Him.  I know I need to work on those things!

6. What era do you wish you lived in?
Hmm.  There are pros and cons to every era. 😉  If I had to pick, I would say either Bible times or the 1800s.  But I love this era, too. 🙂

7. What advice would you give your 16 year old self?
Stop being so melodramatic!

8. What is your favorite holiday?

9. What would you do if you won the lottery?
Give it away.  Help get clean water to people around the world.  Help feed the poor.  Sponsor more children from Compassion.  And, I’ll be honest, I would probably use some money to buy new clothes. 😉

10. What is your biggest fear?
That I will fail my son.  In honesty, I know that I will.  But I also know that God will never fail him.

11. Do you hang your toilet paper over or under??

My questions for my nominees:
1. What is your biggest pet peeve?
2.  If you could give one piece of life advice, what would it be?
3. What is your favorite blog to read?
4. Clowns – scary or awesome?
5. If you could have dinner with 3 people, alive or dead, who would it be and why?
6. What one thing are you most excited about right now?
7. If you had an entire afternoon with nothing planned, how would you spend your time?
8. What is your favorite movie?
9. What is your favorite quote?
10. Organic food – worth all the hype or not?
11. Ebooks or paper books?

Nominees: (I don’t have 11, but…here’s 8! 😉 )
1. Alayna at Alayna Grace
. Ashley from Keeping Up with Ashley and Cody
. Julianne from Julianne Gray
. Tiffany from Becoming Barsotti
. Kate from Life As I Know It
. Christy from Pressing On
. Heidi from Homemade Mythology
. Sadie from Cottage and Hen




One thought on “Liebster Blog Award

  1. Had fun reading this! As long as you love your son unconditionally, I don’t think you will fail him. Our kids won’t always like us but they will love us as long as we show them what love really is=)

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