Disney Planes Birthday Party


Birthday parties these days can get crazy expensive.  What with it being the Wingman’s first birthday, I wanted to do something special, but didn’t want to go overboard.  For one thing, he wouldn’t remember it anyway.  For another thing….funds are not unlimited here. 🙂

I am pretty pleased with the results!

Since I am not a very crafty/artistic person, pretty much all of my ideas came from Pinterest.

Based off of this post, we created a runway on one of the tables.  The Pilot did a great job creating it with a plain black plastic tablecloth from The Dollar Tree and some masking tape.


Inside the basket I put some party favors.  Walmart had a package of 36 favors for $10….score!  The disc shooter was the favorite, but the mini frisbee got some use too.


For $12 we got a kiddie pool from Walmart.  This was quite the hit!  Our little Wingman loves the water and he had so much fun splashing away.  A friend loaned us their water table as well.  Birthday Express (which has 6% cash back on ebates) had a Planes balloon bouquet for $12.  It came with six cloud balloons, and four mylar baloons.  There were two Dusty Crophopper mylar baloons and two red star mylar baloons.


This is one of my personal favorites.  I found this on Pinterest and sent it to my Mom.

“Do you think we can pull this off for the party?”

“Sure, we can!  It will either turn out great or be an entry on Pinterest Fails.”

I am so pleased with how it turned out!  My Mom and Grandmommy did an excellent job!

For additional snacks, we got peanuts and individual snack pouches of pretzels, which were supposed to be reminiscent of airline snacks.  I wanted to somehow incorporate Cheerios, since those are the Wingman’s favorite thing to eat.  He adored these little frozen banana snacks!

Since cakes can be quite expensive, we ended up getting a sheet cake from the local grocery store as well as a single serve slice of cake for the Wingman, which we decorated ourselves.

While it wasn’t an elaborate party, it was lots of fun planning the details.  And the Wingman had a blast.  I can’t believe he has already had his first birthday!!


4 thoughts on “Disney Planes Birthday Party

  1. They grow up so fast don’t they? I can’t believe my youngest nephew is already 1 and oldest niece is 16!! I’m sure the party was fantastic:)

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