Blog Changes


So you might have noticed some changes around here…namely a few name changes.  My wonderful husband will now be known as The Pilot and our sweet son as The Wingman.

There are 3 reasons for this.

First….The Pilot is about to embark on some new training that is required for most military.  It is a very intense program that prepares them for deployments and the worst case scenario of getting shot down or otherwise captured.  For this training it is recommended to go into incognito mode on the internet so that the trainers can’t find their personal information to potentially use against them.

Second…military safety in general.  Maybe I’m paranoid, but I also can’t get that voice out of my head that is screaming Op Sec over and over.  Typically, that mostly refers to not posting specific dates or places, particularly as relating to deployments.  But I have followed military spouse blogs for years and time and time again they have posted about security on their blogs.  Many of them have opted out of using real names as well.

Third…internet safety in general.  Again, I could just be paranoid.  The chances of our family being followed or of someone stealing our identities through our blog is slim.  But there are the horror stories of that happening.

I debated whether or not changing the names would really matter that much or make much of a difference.  Perhaps sometime in the future I will go back to using their names.  But for now we are utilizing these (adorable) pseudonyms. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Blog Changes

  1. I use pseudonyms for everyone on my blog as well (except myself and other bloggers). When I started blogging, I did so completely anonymously, so it made sense to give my daughter a nickname when she was born. Even when I added my name to my blog, as it grew bigger, I still kept the nicknames for my girls. You could call me paranoid too, but I also worry about how much information is available to other people, via my blog or Facebook or other places. I like your nicknames. (Does that mean you’re editing old posts too? That’s a lot of work – I’m doing it for other reasons! Good luck!)

  2. Hehehe good call! My mister isn’t too worried about it right now, but I usually use only first names or “husband” instead of his name. I do plan on blogging throughout any of his time away but delaying the posts until he’s home 🙂

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