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It’s Not My Job to Make You Like Me – You are not responsible for how people perceive you.  Your responsibility is to love.  Such a good article for a people-pleaser like me!

Unnecessary Quotes – If you want to waste a few minutes of your day, check this link out.  You will either get a good chuckle or just shake your head in confusion.  Or quite possibly both. 🙂

5 Questions – Deciding to Keep or Purge – Great questions to ask yourself when trying to clean your house.

Don’t Reserve Words like “Awesome” for God – Give God praise through the use of the word “awesome.”

The Motherhood Days We Should Talk About – So, so good.  It’s ok to be real.

Fifty Shades of Grey: A Review from a Biblical Perspective – A great biblical review of this popular book/movie.


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