Do Apps Help You or Just Waste Your Time?


For almost anything technologically related, there seem to be two solid sides.  As for the app question….I know people who think apps are a waste of time.  And I know other people who have tons of apps and love them.

I for one am somewhat in the middle.  I’m not an “app person” and I don’t like downloading a lot of things.  There have been several, though, that have been really helpful.

So without further ado….my personal most used apps!


1.  Of course, there are the basics, like the Facebook and Gmail apps.  Those are pretty well known, so I won’t go into detail.

2.  Netflix.  This one can be both helpful or a time waster. 😉

3.  Timehop.  I love this app, as it shows you “this day in history” over your years on Facebook.  Want to know what you posted 5 years ago today?  This app will show you.  Great way to re-live memories. 🙂

4.  Google Keep.  I use this app for grocery shopping.  It’s an easy way to list out what you need to buy, and you can easily check things off at the store.

5. Walmart Savings Catcher.  Probably my most used savings app.  It’s super easy to use and you can earn money back.  Scan in your Walmart receipt, they will compare prices, and if lower prices are found, you get the difference!

6.  Ibotta.  Another good savings app.  These are basically rebates. Scroll through and find the things you are interested in.  Once you get home, scan the barcode on the rebate items, then scan the receipt in, and you will get money back.  (Want to sign up?  Consider using my referral code: iriiji )

7. Woman Log.  This is a fantastic way to track everything related to your cycle.  Great especially if you are TTC, but even if you are not, it’s a good way to keep tabs on everything.  There is a free version and also a paid version that offers a couple extra features.  This is the only app I have spent money on!  I love it.

So what do you think?  Are apps a time waster or are they helpful?  Which apps do you use most often?


53 thoughts on “Do Apps Help You or Just Waste Your Time?

  1. The birthdays app for android. This one is incredibly useful because it tells me for example ‘Grandpa- bday in so many days- turns 87’. I never remember how old people are turning. And I can input anniversaries or other dates I need to remember.

    I leave the games apps off my phone because those become huge time wasters for me.

  2. I’m not sure if my comment went through! So I will say again :P… I’m like you – i stand between apps being a waste of time and apps being really useful. I don’t have many apps but but the few i do have I use regularly. I’m going to try out the timehop and google keep app!

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  4. I think they can be both. Sometimes I feel like it takes too much time to us some of them. There are several though that I use on a daily basis like the weather app and checkout 51.

  5. I also do not use a lot of apps as I do not want my husband or son to so as long as I do not they will not either. So all of the ones you mentioned I did not know about so I will check them out soon as 2 of them will help me save money which is a good thing.

  6. I think the app you use determines whether it is a time waster or a time saver. If you have the right apps they can definitely make your life easier. If you have entertainment apps they can be a time suck.

  7. I’m not a big apps person, and only use a few. My techie son informs me of the ones I should get, but I’m more of a minimalist.

  8. I have chosen to not use apps any more than I have to (email primarily). I find that, for me, they waste my time and one app leads to 20.

  9. My favorite apps are ones that help me save money. I use Saving Star and the Wal-Mart Savings catcher all the time. I also couldn’t live without a calendar app. It’s great because I can access my calendar anywhere!

  10. There are definitely a lot of great apps out there. As a blogger I love some of the photo editing apps, so I can work on the go.

  11. I also love photo editing apps like Snapseed and Diptic. Yelp is one of my favorite apps to find healthy restaurants when I travel. Cozi is the app we use as a family calendar and grocery list.

  12. I use several apps that help me a lot, (e.g., Mint for personal finance, OmniFocus for to-do’s, Letterspace for keeping notes, Amazon for book shopping, Day One for journaling, Rdio for streaming music, the camera app, the GPS app…Lots more. I’d be in a world of hurt without my iPhone apps.

  13. I love the WalMart Savings Catcher! (not so much the store, but the savings catcher helps motivate me to brave it). I also use my Bible app and my Bank of America app almost daily!

  14. I keep forgetting about the WalMart Savings Catcher – thanks for the reminder. I love Netflix, but we tend to use it just at home, not on our phones.

  15. Very practical tips! I’m not a huge app user either. The few practical ones I like and use are MyFitnessPal, Groupon, the Bible, and NoWait (for restaurants – it’s awesome).

  16. I only use a few apps regularly, Out of Milk for grocery lists, Pinterest, Starbucks, Kindle and one for reminders…I have been meaning to sign up for the Walmart one, though, I’m glad you brought that up 🙂

  17. I need to get more savvy with apps. I do have the savings catcher but right now that’s the only money saving app I have. But…. as you would probably could already guess, I have too many time wasting apps.

  18. I try to only download apps I am definitely going to use. Too many is overwhelming, and I have an older phone so if I have to many they all stop working. One of my favorites is Target Cartwheel. I probably use that more than any other. Overall, I am more likely to use my apps on my Kindlefire than on my phone.

  19. I try only to download apps I am really going to use. I always forget about them and also I have an old phone that doesn’t have a lot of storage so if I have too many apps. it doesn’t work right. One of my favorite apps. is Target Cartwheel I probably use that the most.

  20. Facebook and YouTube are the biggest time wasters for me.The app that helps me to be more productive is in which I manage my tasks, shopping list and more.

  21. I don’t use a smart phone so a lot of these don’t apply, also no walmarts here! I do think the timehop app sounds like fun though 🙂

  22. I use lots of apps and love them. I only keep those I will use a lot. Much depends on what things you will do with them. I geocache so of course I have the geocaching app on my phone. It gives me something to do when I have time and helps me learn a lot about an area I am in. I do also use the Walmart Savings Catcher app a lot. Gas Buddy is an excellent app for saving money on gas. My favorite app is Evernote. I keep all kinds of notes, shopping lists, measurements, trip plans, etc. in it so I always have them close by when I am shopping, headed to the airport, etc. It holds my life! Google Maps and campground apps like All Stays have saved my butt a few times when traveling. If you like to cruise or are thinking about a first cruise, Ship Mate is tremendously helpful. Games I prefer to keep on my tablet. My phone is for things I may need when away from home.

  23. I’m not a huge app fan so all the ones I have on my phone are used regularly. Since we are often booking flights from Kuwait back to the UK I often use the Expedia app. This has actually got better in the last year and is much easier to use. Out here in the Gulf there is a great service called Talabat that links to all the local restaurants that offer take-out and allows you to order direct. We try not to use this too much because it is a bit too easy 😋

  24. I don’t use many apps, but the rebate ones sound neat. I’m going to look into them to help get me on the right track with saving money on groceries. Thanks for sharing this list!

  25. My most used apps are probably Fitbit and LoseIt. I also love my banking app. I think sometimes apps are super helpful, but yes, sometimes they are a complete waste of time.

  26. If you enjoy an app it is not wasteful. These days there are apps for just about anything and everything. If you can imagine it, there’s an app for it. One of the best apps I have on my phone is the little flashlight!

  27. I use the standard apps, as well as some other fun apps – like the ‘Zombies, Run!’ fitness app 🙂 I also really like Glow for keeping track of your cycle, etc. 🙂

  28. I love my fitness pal as well. I love the Walmart Savings Catcher app as well. I think game apps and social media apps can sometimes be a distraction, but the others seem to be valuable.

  29. I don’t use many apps at all, but I have seen TimeHop and I think I might have used it once. I need to use more apps for sure.The ones that I use often are the basic social apps.

  30. I think like anything that involves technology, it really depends. I think the reality is that computers, TVs, tablets, phones, etc. are all very over-used by today’s society. Why? They’re convenient, and they’re addictive! There are certainly some useful apps that make my life easier, but there are a TON out there that are a huge waste of time. Like with most things in life: moderation is the key!

  31. Great list! I have to admit I’ve started to watch a bit more Netflix than I should on my phone! I love apps though and my phone has so many that I can’t download anymore. But everything in moderation. Thanks for your post!

  32. I’m in the middle like you. I love time hop. I find it fun. I need the Walmart and Ibotta ones! The apps I use the most are my Hayhouse Radio app, Endless ABCs (perfect to entertain my toddler for a bit), my bank app (I can deposit checks which rocks since we live in a different state than our bank), and I can’t live without my Target Cartwheel app!!!! Love it. I do not use the Facebook app anymore. I open Facebook in my Safari browser on the phone instead because I didn’t want the messenger app. Oh and I use Instagram and Twitter. OK Sounds like a use more apps than I thought. I’m always deleting others though. And there are some I add on just for when I’m traveling.

  33. Ugh. I left a great comment and then wordpress made me log in and didn’t remember it. Anyway, I love my Timehop app and Target Cartwheel app. I keep a couple to entertain the toddler. I need to check out the Walmart one and the Ibotta one!

  34. I find apps helpful in blogging. I use all the major social media apps because they help keep me in contact with readers and other bloggers: Facebook, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Google Drive, Bloglovin’. I find most other apps to be a waste of time when they don’t help me to reach my blogging goals or help me to spend more time with my family.

  35. I find apps helpful in blogging. I use all the major social media apps because they help keep me in contact with readers and other bloggers: Facebook, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Google Drive, Bloglovin’. I find most other apps to be a waste of time when they don’t help me to reach my blogging goals or help me to spend more time with my family.

    I would highly recommend updating to a self-hosted blog. It is annoying for bloggers to have to log in just to leave you a comment. If you want to be a serious blogger, self-hosting is a must!

  36. We cannot go out to eat with our 2 Year old without breakig out YouTube! I do agree Apps for the most part are a waste of time if you are playing games all the time instead of living life. There is a happy medium. Also I love the Timehop app as well as someone mentioned. Such sweet memories to pull up from time to time.

  37. I recently got the Ibotta app on my phone and getting the hang of it. I use other social media apps (Pinterest, Twitter, FB) when there’s no one to talk to and to kill time. I do try to be careful and not use up all the battery life when I’m away from home.

  38. I have a few apps that I use, but not a lot as they can be a time waster too. I really like MyFitnessPal and my Bible apps. Those are a couple of my favorites. Thanks for the other suggestions though. I’ll have to take a look at them!

  39. HA ha, yes! Both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes I just get so frustrated with apps. My husband always shows me the latest and greatest… but I ended up with weird notifications and voice activation… neither of which I realized nor wanted. Ugh. Love then and hate them at the same time.

  40. I have loved learned to love and appreciate apps, especially the ones that help make my life easy. I have the Ibotta shopping app, Walmart savings catcher, and a series of other shopping apps to either save me money or find me rebates. I also have a Twitter app, Instagram app, Pinterest app, and other apps that help me with blogging. And then of course I also have candy crush, to help pass some time when I’m bored or need something mindless to do.

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  42. Just go hang out with friends instead of texting about “the big sleepover” or “the study date”

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