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The Seven Year Sifter: Keeping Friendships Purposeful Past Their “Prime” – I have read this post a couple times and I know I will read it again.  Friendships and people are intensely important to me and things like growing up and living in three different states so far makes this post so difficult yet so relevant and helpful!

Why Don’t the Guys in my Church Ask Women on Dates? – Important things to think about.

Are we Parenting Imaginary Children? – “When I began to parent my real children, I let go of unrealistic expectations.”

To Moms of One or Two Children from a Mother of Five – I love this!!  So helpful and practical regardless of how many children you have.  I also love it because it seems like in some circles there is definitely the comparison that if you only have one child you have it easy or it isn’t as hard.

Fatigue is not a Sin – “We need Him when we’re supermoms; we need Him when we’re tired.”

10 Ways I Will be Dealing with this Negative Pregnancy Test – So, so good.

Three Immodestly Dressed Women Walk into Church – Yes, I know, yet another modesty post. 😉  But this one is good!

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  1. A couple of thoughts on that second link–yes, it can be tricky dealing with the expectations of religious upbringing/culture, especially with a completely different set of expectations coming from the other aspects of today’s culture. Worse, there’s been a seismic shift in what American sociecty expects men to act like when they’re seeking a girlfriend or wife. A huge thing for me and I would think other men is feeling that church is an inappropriate place to approach a woman, even if we are attracted to her.

    (For me personally, there was also the problem of not being any single women in my age group–all twenty years older or twenty years younger.)

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