Care Package Ideas: Miscarriage


After my miscarriage, I was so overwhelmed and amazed by all the people who surrounded us.  I wrote a status on Facebook, figuring a few people might see it, but I had almost 90 comments from people who were grieving with us and praying for us.

The elders from our church sent us a card in the mail.  A friend whom I haven’t seen in a year sent me a card.  An out-of-state friend paid for The Pilot and I to order take-out.  One of my best friends sent a care package.  And another friend who I haven’t seen in about three years sent a care package.

I was blown away.  That is truly what it means to be the hands and feet of Christ.  In a time where my heart was breaking, we were surrounded with love and with people caring for us.  I have a hard time putting into words how just absolutely overwhelmed I was with gratefulness.

If you know someone who has a miscarriage, rest assured that your comments, emails, cards, and packages mean a lot.  Even if it’s someone that you haven’t talked to in a while.

Care package miscarriage

A few ideas on items to include in a care package…

  • A card.  Don’t be afraid to talk about it or to mention their baby.
  • Coffee
  • Snacks (sweet or salty…or both!)
  • Restaurant gift card (After our loss, I just wanted to spend time with my husband.  I needed that time to be close to him.)
  • Redbox gift code (and popcorn!)
  • a journal
  • Adult coloring book
  • Fuzzy socks
  • Lotion or other pampering items
  • Note paper, note cards, or memo pad
  • A game that can be played with only two players so the couple can spend that time together
  • One friend did a themed box, so everything she sent was yellow.  She attached a note that said she hoped it brought sunshine to my day!  So sweet and thoughtful!
  • They also sent some items for our Wingman, and that meant so much to me (and also made his day!).

Here are some ideas other than a care package…

  • Drop off a meal or if you are not local, perhaps send a meal from Schwan’s that can be delivered to their door.
  • If you are local, offer to watch their other children so they can spend some time together.
  • Give them a hug and be willing to cry with them
  • Send flowers
  • Offer to help out around the house
  • Share your story.  If you have experienced loss, it is ok to talk about it and cry together.
  • Run to the grocery store for them

There are absolutely no words to describe the kind of pain that comes with losing a little one, no matter how young.  Loving hands reaching out literally means the world.


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6 thoughts on “Care Package Ideas: Miscarriage

  1. Thanks for sharing these ideas!!! A friend of mine who lost a baby last year does this for other moms going through the same thing. She recently helped me make a basket for another friend of mine who has suffered multiple miscarriages. As a mom watching a friend go through this tough time, it’s so helpful to know there IS something concrete I can do for my friends, beyond just praying and offering hugs.

    • That is so kind of you to have made that basket for your friend! I am sure it meant so much to her. It is those gestures, both large and small, that can make a huge difference in a time of grief.

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