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Today’s guest blogger wished to remain anonymous.  I appreciate her willingness to share.  When you have a miscarriage, it is the loss of your baby.  There are no words that can adequately describe that kind of pain.  Here my friend shares something she wrote after the loss of her daughter.

TTC miscarriage


Rachel Hope . . . a name for the child I will never know. Why did we name you? A name confirms your identity as our child, as a human being. Without a name, it is much too easy to refer to you as “our baby,” “the baby,” or even “it.” Without a name, I know you are our child, but a name confirms it.

            People have names. You were not simply an amorphous glob of cells within my body. You were, you are, our child. So we named you.

We name you because, even though we will never hold you, you are a part of our lives. We named you to establish your place in our family as our first child. We named you because we love you.

Rachel Hope . . . the child I will never know. I love you.

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