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Be You Well: The Freedom in Forsaking Comparison – Not everyone is gifted in all the same ways.  But you are still fearfully and wonderfully made!

Little Voice – A powerful post about the lives of the unborn killed by abortion.

5 Ways to Pray for Couples Struggling to Conceive – Awesome prayer targets.

I Have the Perfect Body – It is so common for moms to feel terrible about their bodies.  I love this woman’s perspective on the issue!

Just Two Kids. And That’s Okay. – Very refreshing perspective on the fact that God doesn’t have a cookie-cutter size for families.  “Can we stop counting our kids and comparing our lives?  Can we embrace families of all sizes as ordained by the God we serve?  Can we extend grace to all?”

Your Child is Your Neighbor – “Children are people….If children are people, they are also our neighbors.”




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