Geography Brush-Up


Two of the tasks on my 101 in 1001 Days list were to brush up on my geography.  The other day I finally decided to sit down and work on that.  I was tired of people talking about places and me sitting there blankly. 😉

I started with US geography.  Seterra Online has a very helpful quizzing tool..  It was very simple to click around and I liked that when I made a mistake it told me what the state actually was.  That helped me learn it more quickly.  Thankfully, it only took about 10 minutes for me to feel comfortable with all the States again.

Moving on to world geography, I found World Geography Games.  I started the Countries quiz.  Even the Pilot got in on the quizzing!  We had a lot of fun studying the maps, doing the quizzes, and eventually racing on separate computers to complete the quiz.  We have both made it through all the countries, but a couple of them need some brushing up.

It’s a simple thing but I’m actually quite proud of us.  When we opened a new country map (like Africa!) we were both convinced we would never get it…..but we did!  It’s very satisfying to learn something new and commit it to memory.

And now I have two more items checked off my list! 😀





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