A Year of Heartbreak


2015 was in honesty a terrible year.  Probably the worst year of my life.  Or at least a different kind of terrible than any other terrible.  This year was on a whole different level.

On Christmas Eve, we visited a church where the pastor gave a great sermon.  He talked about how a long time ago people would bring evergreen trees into their homes during the winter as a reminder that spring was coming.  Eventually the Christians adopted that tradition as a reminder of the promise of new life and resurrection in Jesus.  It was a reminder of hope.  Of life.

That was so incredibly beautiful to me.

As I think about the year 2016, I feel a variety of things.  Numbness.  Hesitation.  Wondering if it will be filled with even more heartbreak.  But I also feel hope.  It’s a brand new start in a way.  I am a completely different person than I was before.  The past couple years have defined me, and the past few months have even more so.

There is hope.  There is goodness.  No matter the heartache of this year, there is hope.  There is hope because Jesus came into the world.  Because He died on a cross and rose again.  There is hope because God is good and He is always at work for His good purposes.

There is hope.  There is beauty.

As we close out this incredibly difficult year, I look forward to hope.  With hope.

hope in 2016


6 thoughts on “A Year of Heartbreak

  1. I am so sorry! I can tell 2015 was not the year you had imagined it would be. All we can ask for is grace and to look forward with hope. I pray that 2016 is more blissfully filled for you!

  2. I am sorry you had such an awful year.. I have found most of the time in my own life – life seems to go in “cycles” and I am hoping and praying you have a wonderful season and a great year! Thanks for sharing from your heart… and yes, we have hope!

  3. I’m so glad you found hope on Christmas Eve. Such a gift that night. The pain, the tears and the horror of 2015 has forever changed you but now as you look out through those eyes you have a whole new level of compassion as never before. You can help others as never before. You can BRING Hope to others as never before. Your faith will continue to grow. Your joy will be found in HIM.



  4. Prayers for a more hopeful 2016, friend. I’m so sorry this last year was a valley for you, but God’s promises are something to hold to and help you when you’re down.

  5. I really appreciate your honesty Bonnie. For our family this year began with the hope of new adventures and those adventures were harder than we ever imagined. I am also clinging to the hope of a new year and praying for peace, comfort and confidence that only God can give.

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