15 Things That Make Me Happy


Recently I have been trying to find ways to reduce stress and focus on the positives.  There are so many things that are so simple but bring so much happiness.

It is incredible how the things that go into your mind affect your attitude, your mood, and even your health.

So in thinking about things that make me happy, I decided to compile a list of those top 15 things.  Drum roll please….

what makes me happy

#1 – Llamas

llama happy

Seriously, look at that face.  And the cute way they
chew all sideways and stuff.  I want a pet llama.
Not even joking.

#2 – Camels

camel happy

Along that same line, I like camels.  They make me happy.

#3 – Eyeliner

makeup happy

I couldn’t find a good picture of just eyeliner…but here you go.
I don’t wear makeup often, but when I do, the eyeliner is
my favorite part.  Then mascara.  They both make
me happy.

#4 – Dogs

dog happy

Yeah, I had to put another animal.  Dogs
are by far my favorite animal.  I had the best
black lab ever before we were married and I
still miss that guy.

#4 – The laughter of children.

child laughing

Seriously, there is nothing better than hearing
the giggles of a child.  Personally I think the Wingman
has just about the cutest laugh ever, but
I might be a little bit biased.

#5 – Talking with a friend



Whether it’s a phone call, text, or Skype, I love a good
conversation with a friend.

#6 – A French manicure

french manicure happy

I don’t go to the salon often, but I love me
a good French manicure.  And if there are extra fun
designs, that’s a bonus.

#7 – Cuddling with my husband

cuddling happy

I love cuddling with The Pilot.  It’s one of my favorites.

#8 – Well-written things

book words happy

That moment when you’re reading along and
you have to pause for a bit to take in the wondrous
way the author crafted a sentence.  That makes me happy.

#9 – Batman

batman happy

Batman.  Need I say more?

#10 – Heels/wedges

shoes happy

I love a nice comfortable pair of heels and wedges.
It makes me so happy to put on a pair
and dress up a bit!

#11 – Typewriters

typewriter happy

Someday I will own a wonderful vintage
typewriter.  I hope.

#12 – That sense of accomplishment when you complete something

life happy

#13 – HuHot

I don’t have a picture for this one, but HuHot
is an amaaazing Mongolian grill.

#14 – Amazon


I love shopping on Amazon!!  There are so many
great things on my wish list.  Mostly books,
but lots of other fun things too.

#15 – Laughing


I don’t laugh nearly as much as I used to.  Which makes
those moments when I do all the more amazing.  I
love the freeing feeling of laughter.  The instant
stress reducer.  That feeling of bonding with someone
over a humorous moment.

So there you have it.  15 things that make me happy.  What are some of the things that make make you happy?


7 thoughts on “15 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Laughter.
    Joking around with my husband.
    The sweet little ones that I nanny.
    Driving with the windows down.
    Clean sheets on the bed.

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