Ways to Grow Your Prayer Life


I am not a prayer warrior.  Prayer is something that I struggle with.  Some spells more than others.  But prayer is an area in which I really want to grow.  Here are some things that have been helpful to me in the past!


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How to Grow in Prayer:

  • Just pray!  The more you do it, the more it becomes a habit.  Of course, we don’t want prayer to become a habit in the sense that it is rote or mechanical….but a habit in the sense that it is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear of a need or when you need strength or when you just want to praise Him!
  • Pray throughout the day.  Pray when you’re doing dishes or when you’re driving.  Pray when you have a few minutes of quiet.  Pray in the shower.
  • Set an alarm to pray.  Several years ago, I set my watch to beep every hour on the hour.  This was a reminder to pray.  While I don’t do that anymore, I do have a few reminders on Google calendar.  Every day when a prayer topic comes up, Google sends me an email which buzzes my phone.
  • Make a prayer journal.  There are several ways you can do this.  When I was in high school, I had a journal with a page for each friend.  I asked them to send me a picture of themselves.  Every day when I prayed, I had a list of prayer requests for them as well as their picture to look at while I was praying.  I’ve also kept prayer journals with lists of prayer requests and answered prayer.  Other times I have written out actual prayers.
  • Pray for others.  I’ve definitely noticed times where I am praying so hard about various things going on in my life….so hard and so often that rather than releasing things to God, I was obsessing over them.  Sometimes I need to stop praying for myself and start praying for others.  This definitely gives some much needed space and perspective.

There are several resources that have been great in my prayer life!

Prayer Portions by Sylvia Gunter – This big book has all kinds of prayer topics.  There are five sections on different kinds of prayer: praise, repentance, warfare, personal, and intercessory.

For the Family by Sylvia Gunter – This is basically an excerpt from Prayer Portions.  This has specific prayers for your husband, your wife, your children, your marriage, your family…..etc.  Each prayer is loaded with Scripture.

Stormie Omartian books – One of my favorites was The Power of a Praying Wife.  I also have (but haven’t finished) The Power of a Praying Woman and The Power of a Praying Parent.  While I don’t always agree with everything she writes, I have greatly benefited from these books.  You can easily pray exactly what she has written (again, prayers full of Scripture!) or you can use the topics as springboards for your own prayers.

The Presidential Prayer Team – Sign up for weekly emails so you can be praying for the President, Senators, Ambassadors, the military, etc.

Prayr List – I love this web site!  Log in with your Facebook information, and pray for your Facebook friends.  You can set it so that you pray for all your friends weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

A Praying Life by Paul Miller – I read this book in college and it was SO good.  I want to re-read it!!

31 Prayers For Our Husbands – Print out reminders to pray for your husband.

Praying for my Husband from Head to Toe


Our Answered Prayer


I think this post is overdue.

For those who have been reading our blog for a while, you know about all the doctor’s visits and tests and procedures I went through to determine if I had PCOS.  And if it wasn’t PCOS, what was it?  (If you’re new, you can see those posts here.  )

The last update was that everything was fine health wise.  Praise God!

I need to just talk about answered prayer.

Before the Pilot and I were together…when I was still trying to sort out my feelings for him….I prayed many times that God would bring the right woman into his life to help him raise his children.  I knew that he wanted children.

It was hard.  During all the doctor visits, not knowing if I would actually be the answer to that prayer I prayed.  It was hard even after we got the all-clear when we had several negative pregnancy tests.  Maybe something was wrong with my body after all?  Maybe God just didn’t intend for us to be parents.

But I prayed.  I prayed that my body would be able to conceive.  I prayed that we would be able to have children.  At least three close friends were praying with me.

Fast forward to last November.  The Pilot and I had both noticed that things were odd with me.  For one thing, I was getting out of breath after hardly any exertion.  We were getting slightly concerned and were making plans to go to the doctor if it didn’t get better.  Neither of us ever dreamed I was pregnant.

We went to the commissary and just picked up a .99 cent test so that I could know for sure I wasn’t pregnant and move on with my life. When we got home I waited a few minutes and prayed about the test results  Rather, I prayed for my heart.  Unlike some of the previous times of testing for pregnancy, I wasn’t all caught up in the moment (I honestly thought I wasn’t pregnant) but I still was just praying that when it came out negative I would praise His plan.  I wanted to honor God regardless of the result..

So I took the test and IMMEDIATELY it came out a super clear positive. What?? I waited the full two minutes in the hallway, went back in and it was still positive. I took the test in to my husband, held it up and said, “I think I’m pregnant.”  He took it and began to examine the test. That’s when I started crying and we just hugged. We went straight back to the store for a more expensive test and I took two more….both immediately a clear positive. We were so giddy!!

This baby is an answer to prayer.

I am just praising God.  Praising Him that my body is in fact able to conceive.  Praising Him for His perfect timing.  (We wouldn’t have been able to do half the amazing things we did before our move if we had been pregnant sooner.)  Praising Him for that wonderful day we got the positive.  Praising Him for this baby.  Our son.  Our son!!

During those months of waiting to get pregnant…those months where I was looking down at another negative test…God grew me so much.  And I am so thankful for that!

I’ve wondered what people would think after reading our blog.  After seeing the stories about the doctor’s tests….then I’m pregnant.  Would people judge me?  “See, there was no reason to be upset before!”  “Silly girl.”  “You should have just given it more time.”  I know, I know…what people think doesn’t matter.  (Amazing book about people-pleasing “When People are Big and God is Small” by Edward Welch…on my “To Be Read Again” list.)  Honestly…I don’t feel ashamed at all.  That is precisely the path God took us down.  For a reason.  And it is never easy to be facing facts that you might have difficulty conceiving or be unable to completely.  I don’t apologize for what I went through.  I proclaim it to show off the goodness of God and His amazing hand!

This has been quite a journey.  And we are so thankful!


Please Pray Today!

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Huge prayer request today!

I don’t know if any of y’all watch the Super Bowl.  I personally don’t.  I just don’t get football.  It’s not my thing.  But…whether you are watching the game or not, please be in prayer!  Every year, the Super Bowl is a huge venue for human trafficking.  It has been called “the single largest human trafficking incident in the United States.”

The Huffington Post published an article last year on this topic.

Please join me in prayer today that the number of victims will decrease.  For protection.  For deliverance.  For those who are doing the selling to be caught.  For the customers to be caught.  And please pray for the light of Christ to come into hearts!