Pregnancy Update – 32 Weeks

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2013-05-26 20.58.59

The Wingman is now about 16.7 inches long, weighing
approximately 3.75 pounds (measurements/weight
from The Bump and Baby Zone).  His toenails, fingernails,
and hair have been growing!

I can definitely tell that he has been growing, as he has
now discovered my ribs.  His movements, while still
absolutely adorable, now sometimes cause me to catch my breath.  I
can’t believe that it’s already been 32 weeks!
My countdown app says 56 more days until my
estimated due date!

Last week I was out in CA for a visit.  The ladies from my old church
there threw me a baby shower.  It was so special and
so sweet of everyone to come and literally
shower me and The Wingman with love!  Quite a few ladies also
chipped in to purchase our jogger/car seat set and
that should be delivered in a week or so.  I can’t wait!

I have found myself thinking even more about what
this sweet boy will look like.  I can’t wait to see every feature
of his sweet little face!

I have really been blessed with a pretty
easy pregnancy.  God is so good.  Even with the back pain,
sore ribs, low blood pressure, and working with
high blood sugar, He is so faithful.  All of this is worth it because
of this precious answer to prayer growing inside me.

Recently we have been around several adorable young
people.  Some of what they have to say about pregnancy
and our baby is too cute.  I have to share
some quotes!

From our little neighbor:
“Does he poop in his pants?”

M: I want to see him.
Me: He’s still in my tummy.
M: Can you hold him up?

“If you scream, will it wake him up?”

The Pilot’s little niece:
(She kept wanting to see the baby
and feel him and know where his head was, etc.  One time
she reached up my shirt and felt the band of my
maternity jeans)  “He’s wearing a diaper!”

“Aww, he’s so cute!”
I agree.  😉

Random children at the San Antonio riverwalk:
(As we were walking by…)
Boy: This earthworm is having babies!
Me/The Pilot: Wow!  How exciting!
Girl: (sees my belly) Like you?
Me: Yep!
Girl: How many?
Me: Just one.  In July.

So cute!!  I love the things kids say!

Lately I have been trying to
pray more for The Wingman.  I have really been blessed by the book
Praying Through Your Pregnancy (don’t agree with everything
they say in there, but the prayer topics are so helpful!)
and The MOB Society (Mothers of Boys) Facebook page (same
disclaimer as above book).  I also got a copy of The Power of a
Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian.  I look forward to reading that!

My husband and I are still working at Shepherding a Child’s Heart.
It’s hard to find time for us both to read together, but
we are working our way through it!  I am also still reading
Wild Things.  I want to finish it, but so far I am pretty sure
I do not recommend it.

On our To-Do List for the next few weeks:
-Take maternity pictures
-Pack hospital bag
-Research vaccinations

Dear Wingman,
I can’t believe we are getting
so close to meeting you!  Tonight I pray that you
will have a heart that is soft toward the Lord.  That you
will love Him and be in awe of His works.  Thinking
about raising you is both humbling and overwhelming…
but I know that Daddy and I are not on our own.  You
are God’s child, created in His image.  He will be the One to 
guide us and guide you throughout each of our lives.  I love you!

Pregnancy Update – Week 28


2013-04-29 14.24.53

Our son is now about 14.8 inches from head to heel, roughly
the size of an eggplant.  (This eggplant is more the length
of his head to rump as he is now folded up more.)  He weighs
about two and a quarter pounds.  His eyes now have
eyelashes and he can blink his eyes.  His brain is
developing millions of neurons and he continues to
add body weight.

We are officially in the 3rd Trimester now!  I can’t believe
how quickly time is passing.  My coundown app
says that there are 84 days left…12 weeks to the due date!

I still feel great….although the pregnancy hormones (which
have tended to come and go) have certainly been making more
of an appearance recently.  For the most part, I am still able
to get sleep at night.  Those pesky leg cramps have visited
a few times, however.

Every day I generally have between one and two hours
where I can easily get things accomplished….then I just feel wiped out.
It’s hard work making a baby!!  He’s been moving a lot more the past
few days, which always makes me happy.  He does a lot of squirming,
a lot of tapping, some kicking, and every now and then some huge kicks!
He has yet to discover my ribs….hopefully I still have a little while before that?  🙂

I seriously have the sweetest husband ever!!  He is so loving and caring.
He never complains or says anything when he comes home and
the kitchen isn’t sparkling….again.  He doesn’t mind when
I ask him to bend over and pick up something I dropped
because I don’t bend as well anymore.  He helps me cook dinner and
he gives me frequent back rubs.  I love him so much!  He is going
to be an amazing Dad!!!

We are absolutely in love with the Wingman’s name and absolutely

in love with him!!!  I can’t wait to see his sweet face
in only a few months!!

While we didn’t pick his name based on the name meaning,
I was curious as to what it meant.  When I looked it up, I
discovered a few meanings.
Brave in War
War Strength
I pray that our son will be brave in fighting spiritual battles.
I pray that he will put on the armor of God and be
ready to make huge impacts for the kingdom
of God.  I pray that as others see him, he will be a guide
that points others to Him.

We also completed the Wingman’s nursery….



Currently I am reading Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys
by Stephen James and David Thomas (I’m participating
in an online book club) and Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp.

Dear Wingman,
Typing your name almost brought tears to my eyes.

I love going into your room and thinking
about you sleeping in that crib.  I love looking
at the pictures we have on the wall and being reminded
of what an answer to prayer and what a precious miracle you are.
God has big plans for you, my son, and I can’t wait to see
what they are.  Thanks for moving so much!  I love
feeling you move.  I love YOU so much!!

Book Review: Redeeming Childbirth

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It took me a little while, but I finally finished Redeeming Childbirth by Angie Tolpin.  I posted briefly about it before (see comments) and I feel that my thoughts are only slightly more concrete now after completing the book.  Bear with me as I try to type things up and keep it a reasonable length.  😉

Would I recommend this book?  Yes and no.

Yes, because it is definitely thought-provoking and challenging.  I have never heard anyone speak about birth in this way.  “We need to be careful not to compartmentalize birth out of our spiritual lives, but instead glorify Him by how we birth our children.”  (page 89) “This is the foundation of this book – to encourage you to surrender control and your will to the Lord in regard to childbirth.” (pg 221)  Sure, I have heard people say that if you are a Christian, all things fall under His jurisdiction.  But I have never heard anyone talk about birth specifically being submitted to Christ….or how to submit that birth experience to Christ.

Throughout the book, Angie covers topics like fears in pregnancy, who to invite to your birth, how to go about making decisions for your birth, etc.  Each topic is discussed in relation to completely surrendering to God.

One of her main points was that the church needs to come together on the matter of birth.  There ought not be this huge divide over “hospital births” vs. “home births.”  In the church, we are all part of the same Body, we are all sisters in Christ.  There should be no judgment.  God can just as well be present at a birth in the hospital as He can at home….not at all as God’s “second choice” but because God’s plans for each woman and each birth are different.  At first I was somewhat surprised by how she talked about this divide in church.  I didn’t see it to be anywhere near as big a problem as she seemed to.  But as I went through the book I saw more and more how much  judgment there is between the two sides.  People who are pro hospital judge the other side, because they are hippies, or not willing to take advantage of medical advances, or risking their lives or their babies lives.  People who are pro home birth judge the other side because they are just following a system or risking their lives or their babies lives.  There are many assumptions made on both sides and many judgments.  This ought not be.

(Side note: I loved how she talked about the home birth vs. hospital debate.  In her section on fears, she covered the question of where you should decide to give birth.  She asked the question, “Are you making your decision out of fear?”  Are you afraid to give birth at home for x, y, or z reason?  Are you afraid to give birth at a hospital for x, y or z reason?  She then talked about how Jesus died to free us from fears and we should never be making decisions and living in bondage to any fear.  That decision is made through seeking God, looking at your situation, and educating yourself on the issues at hand.)

Another main focus was that on Titus 2 mentoring.  Angie feels so deeply that God has beautiful plans and purposes for birth…plans and purposes that are so rarely seen and talked about…that it is her passion to show women how birth can look so that they in turn can show others.  Birth is about honoring God.  It is about proclaiming Him and His design for our bodies, for our parenting, and for our eternal heritage.

On the other hand, however, part of me would not recommend this book.  I must state that there were quite a few typos and grammatical errors, which I know does not necessarily detract from any truth in the book.  It was very distracting at times, however.  In many cases, she was also quite repetitive.  Topics that seemed to be covered pretty well in depth were re-addressed later, not seeming (to me) to add much more to the thought.  But putting those minor distractions aside, there were also several instances where I had to pause and think about some of her Scripture references.  I do believe that several times verses were taken out of context.  On a few occasions, it also seemed that the author was becoming more “touchy feely” about Who God is and how He acts.

A few times she talked about pain in childbirth as if it was a sin to cry out during painful contractions.  While I agree with her points that pain is compounded when you focus on it, and if your mind is focused on things above, it can’t very well be focused on things on the earth…I do not believe that it is wrong to have intense intense pain during birth.  Or that it is wrong to cry out or scream.  (I’m not entirely sure that she was saying it was a sin…but I was definitely confused by what she was saying.)  I guess the question is…where does your mind go during that pain?  After that pain?  Is it concentrating on how terrible it was?  Is it telling you the lie that you can’t go on?  Or are you rejoicing in God’s mercy that it is over and you are one step closer to meeting your child?

Personally, I was very challenged by several things.  Through her book, I was able to really work through some things…such as releasing my desire to have a midwife (which…might be a whole post in and of itself), letting go of specific fears I have, asking God’s forgiveness for my judgmental heart toward our doctor and nurses, and really seeking Him in regard to our birth plan.  I realized how much I was trying to wrap my hands around “my birth.”  I wanted to control.  Some things really scared me and I wanted to make sure that the scary things didn’t happen to me.  I came to realize two things.  A) This is not my birth.  This birth and the whole experience belongs to God.  He is the One who gave us this child and He is the One who will bring me through labor and delivery.  B) I can’t control.  God is in charge.  God has a perfect plan.  I can plan all I want, but it must be surrendered to His will.

Bottom line: Several of the sections were absolutely amazing for me to read.  Several sections….I struggled with.  I debated almost the whole way through if I would keep the book after I finished reading.  I have decided to keep it, as the sections that were helpful were REALLY helpful.  But it is not a book that I would recommend to just anyone.  I think there would be a select few that I would recommend the book to, and those would be people that I know would read very carefully, truly holding it up to the light of Scripture.

This book has given me so much peace about birth.  I am excited to experience labor and delivery, even though I know that it will likely be way more painful that I can even imagine.  And I really look forward to sharing what I have learned with others.  This IS such an important issue and I want to see God glorified…in my birth and in my friend’s births!


Pregnancy Update: Week 24


2013-04-01 19.36.47Today I am 24 weeks.
Our wonderful son is getting close to a foot long and weighs a little
over a pound.  His brain continues to develop and his lungs
are beginning to grow the different “branches” that will allow him
to breathe when he is born in a few months.

He continues to move quite often, and I absolutely love it!
Some days he is extremely active, other days not as much.
I like to talk to him when he moves and tell him how much
I love him.  I’ve also started playing music more often, as
he can likely hear quite well inside the womb now.  I
get excited when he gets the chance to hear music about our God
and sermons on Sunday.

Now that my sweet husband is home (YAY!!!) we have about
four weeks to get busy working on the baby’s room.  We picked
up paint chips, I’ve been browsing Pinterest and Etsy, and we have
started pricing baby furniture/necessities.

Our base here is awesome!  Today I got a call that my baby bundle
was ready to be picked up.  Every new mom is given this bundle…
in it was a package of white onesies (hmm…a Pinterest project seems
to be coming to mind), hand warmers, bibs, sleepers, two receiving
blankets, burp cloths, two sets of crib sheets, and two
hooded towels.  SO blessed by this generous gift!!

I also made a couple purchases myself…..

2013-03-06 13.50.55

Daddy’s Co-Pilot

2013-03-30 18.48.57

Mommy’s Prince Charming

Awww!!!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Finished reading “The Thinking Woman’s Guide to
a Better Birth” by Henci Goer…still working through “Redeeming
Childbirth” by Angie  Tolpin as well as “Praying Through Your
Pregnancy” by Jennifer Polimino and Carolyn Warren.

Dear Son,
It is so exciting preparing for your arrival.

I can’t believe that we are more than halfway
to meeting you…only a few months!
You bring such a smile to our faces when you kick 
and move.  I can’t wait to see your precious face
and see if you have your Daddy’s eyes or your Mommy’s
hair.  You are such a perfect, precious gift.  We love you!

Our Answered Prayer


I think this post is overdue.

For those who have been reading our blog for a while, you know about all the doctor’s visits and tests and procedures I went through to determine if I had PCOS.  And if it wasn’t PCOS, what was it?  (If you’re new, you can see those posts here.  )

The last update was that everything was fine health wise.  Praise God!

I need to just talk about answered prayer.

Before the Pilot and I were together…when I was still trying to sort out my feelings for him….I prayed many times that God would bring the right woman into his life to help him raise his children.  I knew that he wanted children.

It was hard.  During all the doctor visits, not knowing if I would actually be the answer to that prayer I prayed.  It was hard even after we got the all-clear when we had several negative pregnancy tests.  Maybe something was wrong with my body after all?  Maybe God just didn’t intend for us to be parents.

But I prayed.  I prayed that my body would be able to conceive.  I prayed that we would be able to have children.  At least three close friends were praying with me.

Fast forward to last November.  The Pilot and I had both noticed that things were odd with me.  For one thing, I was getting out of breath after hardly any exertion.  We were getting slightly concerned and were making plans to go to the doctor if it didn’t get better.  Neither of us ever dreamed I was pregnant.

We went to the commissary and just picked up a .99 cent test so that I could know for sure I wasn’t pregnant and move on with my life. When we got home I waited a few minutes and prayed about the test results  Rather, I prayed for my heart.  Unlike some of the previous times of testing for pregnancy, I wasn’t all caught up in the moment (I honestly thought I wasn’t pregnant) but I still was just praying that when it came out negative I would praise His plan.  I wanted to honor God regardless of the result..

So I took the test and IMMEDIATELY it came out a super clear positive. What?? I waited the full two minutes in the hallway, went back in and it was still positive. I took the test in to my husband, held it up and said, “I think I’m pregnant.”  He took it and began to examine the test. That’s when I started crying and we just hugged. We went straight back to the store for a more expensive test and I took two more….both immediately a clear positive. We were so giddy!!

This baby is an answer to prayer.

I am just praising God.  Praising Him that my body is in fact able to conceive.  Praising Him for His perfect timing.  (We wouldn’t have been able to do half the amazing things we did before our move if we had been pregnant sooner.)  Praising Him for that wonderful day we got the positive.  Praising Him for this baby.  Our son.  Our son!!

During those months of waiting to get pregnant…those months where I was looking down at another negative test…God grew me so much.  And I am so thankful for that!

I’ve wondered what people would think after reading our blog.  After seeing the stories about the doctor’s tests….then I’m pregnant.  Would people judge me?  “See, there was no reason to be upset before!”  “Silly girl.”  “You should have just given it more time.”  I know, I know…what people think doesn’t matter.  (Amazing book about people-pleasing “When People are Big and God is Small” by Edward Welch…on my “To Be Read Again” list.)  Honestly…I don’t feel ashamed at all.  That is precisely the path God took us down.  For a reason.  And it is never easy to be facing facts that you might have difficulty conceiving or be unable to completely.  I don’t apologize for what I went through.  I proclaim it to show off the goodness of God and His amazing hand!

This has been quite a journey.  And we are so thankful!


Pregnancy Update: Week 20


IMG_20130304_113133_26920 weeks!

Our sweet baby is about ten inches long (from head to heel) and
weighs about ten and a half ounces.  He is
swallowing a lot, practicing for digesting food later.  His taste buds
are now developed!

Biggest news since my last post?  We found out our baby’s gender!! 😀

It’s so amazing to be close to halfway done!  (ACOG [American Congress
of Obstetricians and Gynecologists] says
full-term is 42 weeks.)  Can’t believe how
quickly time is flying!

Remember how in my last post I asked our little one to start
moving?  A week later, when I was 17 weeks
to the day, he did!!!  I had just woken up and was lying in bed
when I felt it…just a few repetitive taps on my left side.
The Pilot was still sleeping, but I quickly woke him up!  Our son
moves quite a bit!  I usually feel him at least once a day.  I love it!!
I can even see my tummy jump from the outside.  Makes my heart
so happy to feel/see him move!

Felt my first Braxton Hicks contraction a few days ago as well!
Definitely a unique feeling…that and baby kicking my bladder!

I’m also now showing enough that people know I’m pregnant…
not just pudgy.  😉  I finally had one person ask if I was pregnant…
and at least one other person just assume I was.  Makes me smile
so big!  Not at all ashamed of my baby bump.  😀 😀

So thankful that all my aversions are still gone.  I keep craving
grapes and strawberries.  So good!!  And they satisfy my
sugar cravings, which is also a great bonus!

Dear Son,
We love you!!  It makes Mommy and Daddy

smile so big to see and feel your kicks.  We are so 
excited to see your face in only a few months!  God has 
such great things planned for you…and you are already
such a blessing to us!    

Pregnancy Update: Week 16


2013-02-05 17.04.0916 weeks, 1 day

Baby is now 4 1/2 inches long and weighs about 3 1/2 ounces!  S/he is
the size of an avocado!  Toenails are beginning to form and its heart is
pumping 25 quarts of blood each day.  Our baby is always on the move…generally
not still for more than 10 minutes at a time.  (Mommy has yet to feel it!)
The nervous system continues to develop, and all of baby’s moving
helps strengthen it.

Several times I have tried google searches to find out when baby can hear us.
Mixed results.  I’m going with the answers that said 16 weeks.  😉

I haven’t had many cravings….mostly fruit.  Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries,
and pineapple.  I have the best husband ever….the other day he
bought me a big fruit tray I was drooling over at the store.  That thing
was not cheap!!!  Definitely won’t be making that splurge again but
it has been an amazing treat!!!  (Thank you, sweetheart!!)

I still only wear the maternity jeans….but almost all my other pants and skirts
are starting to be too uncomfortable.  A lot of my tops still fit, but I did go
through my closet and pull to the front the ones that have empire waists.
Soon I think that the maternity clothes will be here in full force!  😀

Currently my love and I are reading Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp.
I also added two other books to my pregnancy pile….The Thinking Woman’s
Guide to a Better Childbirth by Henci Goer (so far it’s REALLY good…wish
they would print a more up-to-date version!) and
Redeeming Childbirth by Angie Tolpin
(so far I have mixed thoughts on that one).

I liked this post from Bonnie at The Koala Bear Writer.  Especially
being in my first pregnancy, I appreciate her honesty.  And that one quote
she shared is so great!!  (Quick note on Bonnie….she’s awesome!!
She’s one of our few regular readers and commenters.  Thanks, Bonnie,
for taking the time to read and comment and encourage us!!)

On the To-Do List:
1. Write birth plan
2. Begin working on baby’s room
3. Assess maternity clothes situation to determine what all
I’ll need in the upcoming months.
4. Keep reading the above books!

Dear Little One,
The past few weeks my tummy has started to grow more.
It makes me so happy to see the growth and know that

you are in there, growing and developing.  I hope you can hear me
when I talk to you and read to you…maybe you can start giving
little flutters or kicks as a sign, okay?  You are so loved, 
precious child.  I am so thankful that God gave you to us
and I can’t wait to see His plans for you!

Pregnancy Update: Week 12


Happy New Year everyone!  It’s so hard to believe it’s already 2013!  Obviously, posting has been slowing down here lately.  I’ve been contemplating stopping the blog.  Haven’t quite decided yet what I should do…but for today here is a pregnancy update!  🙂

IMG_3419Today I am 12 weeks, 2 days.  Praising God for each day with our incredible baby.

He or she is now about two inches long (the size of a lime) and weighs half an ounce.
Our baby’s reflexes are developing, and s/he will now squirm if I poke my belly
(although I can’t feel it yet).  Soon the hands will open and close.  The intestines
and kidneys are beginning to work.

It’s so surreal to realize that there is a tiny little human inside me.  Our precious child!

I now own maternity clothes!  I know, I know, I’m not all that big.  But, there’s a problem
when you can’t even zip up your old jeans.  😉  Right now those are the only maternity
clothes I wear.  When we were in CA over Christmas, I really wanted to go
shopping for my first maternity clothes with my Mom, so we went out and got a few things for
when I need them.  Can’t wait until I need to pull those out!  😀

We had our first appointment and got our actual due date….July 22.


It was seriously unbelievable to see our baby.  I cried so much, looking at our little one, hearing
its perfect heart beat, and holding my incredible husband’s hand.  There really
is nothing like seeing your baby for the first time!

I think that the nausea is getting better.  I still get sick a few times a week, but in between
the queasiness and nausea is better.  Not gone…but better.  It’s so nice!

I haven’t had very many cravings.  But last night for some reason I
started thinking about Costco hot dogs.  My mouth was almost
watering!!  Today it was still very much on my mind.  The closest Costco to us is 2-3
hours away, though.  Thankfully, our commissary sells Hebrew National
hot dogs and I had the most amazing lunch ever.  SO GOOD.

My love and I picked names!  I am SO excited and absolutely love them.  For now we
aren’t announcing them…but trust me…they’re amazing.  😉

Dear little one,
It has been so wonderful spending each day with you.
We can’t wait to meet you this summer.  So many

people prayed for you to come to our family and now we 
are praying for your health and growth, both physically and spiritually.
You are so loved, sweet baby!!

My Pregnancy – Week 9



I planned to post monthly updates, but was late getting this post up.  Actually, late taking this picture.  This was supposed to be my 8 week picture, when baby was the size of a raspberry.  The picture was taken at 8 weeks 6 days.  Better late than never, right?

Baby is now about 9 weeks, 2 days.  S/he is the size of a green olive and almost an inch long.  The heart is developing into 4 chambers and the teeth are beginning to form.

One night this week we had some friends over for a game night.  I started thinking about our baby (not unusual 🙂 ).  I got so completely overwhelmed I was actually dizzy as I was thinking about the fact that there is a real, live, human being inside me.  I knew that before….but it was that moment that it really…hit me.  So incredibly amazing.

I think that the only thing this baby does all day is eat.  I am constantly starving.  Before I was pregnant, I would get hungry…”starving” on occasion.  Now I am always famished.  Apparently a green olive can eat an exorbitant amount of food.  😉  When I’m that hungry, I also can feel more nauseous.  Of course, often whatever I eat also makes me nauseous.  It’s such a tiring battle…eating all day long yet still feeling sick.  There are good days and bad days, though.  🙂

Currently I’m only reading one pregnancy book, but I love it.  Praying Through Your Pregnancy by Jennifer Polimino and Carolyn Warren.  Each chapter is for one week of the pregnancy and it talks about what is going on in baby’s development that week.  Then there are specific prayer points.  At the close of each chapter there is a sample prayer that you can use as a springboard for all sorts of prayer topics for your child.  It has been amazing praying for our child’s heart…both physical and spiritual.  I have prayed for our baby’s hands and feet, that s/he will use them for productive things for God’s glory.  It’s incredible praying for both his/her physical and spiritual growth.  While there are a couple thoughts that I would disagree with in this book, overall I would definitely recommend it!

I also bought Expecting You: My Pregnancy Journal by Linda Kranz in order to record this pregnancy for our child to read later.

This baby is such a huge answer to prayer and so incredibly loved already.  It is my prayer that s/he will grow up knowing how very much Mommy and Daddy love him/her….and how much more love God, Who is knitting this baby together even now, has for him/her.

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